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Peer-reviewed journal articles published

  1. Wynn, SR; Stephens, K. "Next generation education: Narratives for the 21st century." Journal of Education, Informatics, and Cybernetics (2010): 336-340.
    (last updated on 2022/06/25)

    Students in today’s classrooms have grown up using an array of technology tools and applications. For educators in the information age, technological literacy is critical. The potential of digital storytelling as an instructional tool for teachers and students has yet to be fully realized. Addressing both the cognitive and affective domains, digital stories are personal narratives supported by images, video, voiceover, soundtrack, and effects. This article explicates some of the pedagogical benefits of digital storytelling in the classroom. Additionally, the paper discusses how digital storytelling can be used to address areas of focus identified by two standards-setting agencies that influence educational policy.