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Erin E. Callahan, Graduate Student  

Erin E. Callahan

Office Location: Allen Building
Office Phone: (919) 684-4289
Email Address: erinecallahan@gmail.com
Web Page: http://sites.duke.edu/linguist187_01_s2011/


MA, North Carolina State University, 2008
BA, Yale University, 2000

Research Categories: Spanish-English contact, Variation in Hispanic English(es), Acquisition of African American English, Linguistics Pedagogy

Research Description: Erin is a Ph.D. student in the Linguistics Program in the English Department of Duke University. Her teaching and research interests include Spanish-English contact in NC and morphosyntactic and intonational variation in ethnic dialects of English, including a variety of Hispanic English which is currently emerging in Durham (NC). She also works on acquisition of African American English (currently, with a project at the Frank Porter Child Development Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill), as well as sociolinguistic constructions of pain. She received her B.A. in Linguistics at Yale University, where she did fieldwork in the French West Indies on Guadeloupe Creole, and her M.A. in English from N.C. State. She grew up in Charlotte (N.C.) and is a proud, native North Carolinian! She has taught high school Spanish, French, and ESL in the public school systems in Durham and Granville Counties, as well as English at a bilingual school in Querétaro, México. She is a tormer rugby player and current beagle-lover.

Recent Publications

  1. E.E. Callahan-Price, Review of Language and the African American Child, by Lisa J. Green, First Language (invited; in progress) (2011) .
  2. with Wolfram, W., Kohn, M.,, Southern-Bred Hispanic English: An Emerging Socioethnic Variety., in English as a Contact Language II: North America. (forthcoming), Cascadilla Proceedings Project .
  3. E. Callahan-Price, Hispanicized English in the Southeastern US: Interlanguage and Ethnic Dialect Stabilization. (in progress) .

Curriculum Vitae

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