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Publications [#14881] of Christina Askounis


  1. ""Exaggerated Self-Portrait"." Unpleasant Event Schedule (online journal) (Fall, 2003). [htm]
    (last updated on 2004/03/24)

    Author's Comments:
    This is a poem written in response to a poem written by Daniel Nester in response to a poem (still with me?) by the East German poet Ulrich Berkes, which appeared in the Paris Review in 1988. In response to my poem, Nester wrote yet another, "Poem for the Novelist Whom I Forced to Write a Poem," which was selected for Best American Poetry 2003. In his author's note, Nester writes of the poem he "forced" me to write: "It just blew me away. There was everyday detail, guilty pleasures, God, boxing. For inspiration she was looking at her own experience rather than `the birds at the feeder.' To me, her poem was a real attempt at `Personism,' Frank O'Hara's idea of putting poems squarely between the poet and the person.'"

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