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Louis J Budd  
James B. Duke Professor Emeritus

Email Address: budd@acpub.duke.edu


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Lit. D., Elmira College

Litt. D., University of Missouri

M.A., University of Missouri

B.A., University of Missouri

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. "Mark Twain."  Critical Archives seriesCambridge UP,  After an interpretive introduction, this volume will reprint [or else list] the contemporary reviews of Mark Twain's books
  2. "Article on Mark Twain." American National Biography. Oxford UP, forthcoming.  the successor to Dictionary of American Biography
  3. "Entry on Robert Herrick." American National Biography.  forthcoming.
  4. "Essay on Mark Twain's critical reputation." Oxford Reader's Companion to Mark Twain.  in progress.
  5. "Options for Teaching American Realism and Naturalism."  in series from Modern Language Association of America

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