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Gerald E. Gerber  
Associate Professor Emeritus

Email Address: gerald.gerber@duke.edu


Ph.D., Northwestern University

M.A., Northwestern University

B.S., Northwestern University

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Gerber, GE. "An article on Whipple and John G. Whittier which will incorporate three unpublished letters."  
  2. Gerber, GE. "A biographical / critical article on Edwin Percy Whipple." American National Biography. Oxford UP, 2003. 
  3. Gerber, GE. "Calendar of the correspondence of Edwin Percy Whipple." To Be Submitted to Studies in the American Renaissance  (2003)
  4. Gerber, GE. "E.P. Whipple and Dr. Grimshawe’s Secret."    This incorporates an unpublished Whipple letter and provides Whipple's only known comment about this Hawthorne work
  5. Gerber, GE. "Edwin Percy Whipple." American Literary Critics and Scholars, 1850-1880. Ed. Rathbun, J; Green, M. Detroit: Gale Research Co, 1988. 256-265.

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