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George D Gopen  
Professor Emeritus of the Practice of Rhetoric

Office Phone: 919-641-1122
Email Address: ggopen@duke.edu

Office Hours:

call 919-384-7175


PhD, Harvard University

J.D., Harvard Law School

B.A., Brandeis University

British Literature

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1.  Expectations: Teaching Writing from the Reader's Perspective. Longman Publishers, Pearson Education Division, 2004.
  2.  A Sense of Structure: Writing From a Reader's Perspective. Longman Publishers, Pearson Education Division, 2004.
  3. "The Science of Scientific Writing." American Scientist 78 (1990): 550-8.  Co-authored with biochemist Judith Swan. Reprinted in Exploring Animal Behavior, eds. Paul W. Sherman and John Alcock (Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates, Inc., 1993). Japanese translation: Yosuke Kawachi, A Collection of Geological Sample Sentences: A Guide for Scientific Writing, pp. 293-313 (1994). Spanish translation: "La Cienca de los Escritos Cientificos," tr. Dr. Victor W. Gonzalez Lauck; Publicacion Especial Num. 3; Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales Y Agropecunarias; Campo Experimental Huimanguillo; Cadenas, Tabasco, Mexico (1995). Second Spanish translation: "La Ciencia de la Escritura Cientifica," tr. Jorge R. Talbot, for the June 1996 Conference of the Fundacion de Investigaciones Metabolicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. "Why So Many Bright Students and So Many Dull Papers?: Peer Responded Journals as a Partial Solution to the Problem of Fake Audience."." The WAC journal 16 (2005): 22-48.  An article on the use of peer-responded journals in college courses in any discipline. [pdf]
  5. "The Music of T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets." Ars Lyrica XIII (Summer, 2003): 29-75.

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