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Research Interests for George D. Gopen

Research Interests: Writing; British Literature

Representative Publications
  1. Gopen, GD, Expectations: Teaching Writing from the Reader’s Perspective (2004), Longman Publishers, Pearson Education Division
  2. Gopen, GD, A Sense of Structure: Writing From a Reader’s Perspective (2004), Longman Publishers, Pearson Education Division
  3. GOPEN, GD; SWAN, JA, THE SCIENCE OF SCIENTIFIC WRITING, American Scientist, vol. 78 no. 6 (November, 1990), pp. 550-558, SIGMA XI-SCI RES SOC, ISSN 0003-0996 (Co-authored with biochemist Judith Swan. Reprinted in Exploring Animal Behavior, eds. Paul W. Sherman and John Alcock (Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates, Inc., 1993). Japanese translation: Yosuke Kawachi, A Collection of Geological Sample Sentences: A Guide for Scientific Writing, pp. 293-313 (1994). Spanish translation: "La Cienca de los Escritos Cientificos," tr. Dr. Victor W. Gonzalez Lauck; Publicacion Especial Num. 3; Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales Y Agropecunarias; Campo Experimental Huimanguillo; Cadenas, Tabasco, Mexico (1995). Second Spanish translation: "La Ciencia de la Escritura Cientifica," tr. Jorge R. Talbot, for the June 1996 Conference of the Fundacion de Investigaciones Metabolicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.) [Gateway.cgi]
  4. Gopen, GD, Why So Many Bright Students and So Many Dull Papers?: Peer Responded Journals as a Partial Solution to the Problem of Fake Audience.", The Wac Journal no. 16 (2005), pp. 22-48 (An article on the use of peer-responded journals in college courses in any discipline..) [pdf]
  5. Gopen, GD, The Music of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, Ars Lyrica, vol. XIII (Summer, 2003), pp. 29-75

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