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Publications of Jarvis C McInnis    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Essays/Articles/Chapters in Books

  1. McInnis, JC. "Black Women’s Geographies and the Afterlives of the Sugar Plantation." American Literary History 31.4Oxford University Press (OUP), (November, 2019): 741-774. [doi]  [abs]
  2. McInnis, JC. "A corporate plantation reading public: Labor, literacy, and diaspora in the global black South." American Literature 91.3Duke University Press, (September, 2019): 523-555. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Jarvis C. McInnis,. "“Behold the Land”: W. E. B. Du Bois, Cotton Futures, and the Afterlife of the Plantation in the US South." The Global South 10.2Indiana University Press, (2016): 70-70. [doi]
  4. McInnis, JC. "“That ‘the Land Would One Day Be Free’: Reconciling Race and Region in African American and Southern Studies.”." Mississippi Quarterly: the Journal of Southern Cultures 68.1-2 (2015): 15-20.
  5. McInnis, JC. ""Writing Around the Edges": A Praise Song for Wanda Coleman." Callaloo 37.2Callaloo, (2014): 190-193.

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