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Joseph R. WintersJoseph R. Winters  
Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Assistant Professor of English

Office Location: 710 Sidepark Street, Durham, NC 27703
Office Phone: (919) 423-1911
Email Address: joseph.winters@duke.edu

Teaching (Summer1, 2019):

  • Religion 248.01, Hip hop and religion Synopsis
    Gray 319, MTuTh 12:30 PM-02:35 PM


Ph.D., Princeton University

B.A., Harvard University

American Religious History
My research interests lie at the intersection of modern religious thought, African American religious thought, and critical theory. My work contributes to recent endeavors to re-imagine and expand our understanding of black religion, black piety, and black cultural practices. Using a dialogical approach, I examine black religious and literary thought in conversation with critical theory and continental philosophy. My research also draws from theories and approaches to religious studies. My first book, Hope Draped in Black: Race, Melancholy, and the Agony of Progress (Duke UP, 2016) challenges racial progress narratives by examining the relationship between remembrance, loss, and hope in black literature and aesthetic practices.

Curriculum Vitae

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