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Publications [#310050] of Mark A. Neal

Essays, Articles, Chapters in Books

  1. Neal, MA. ""I Am Not Just From Here:" The Roots of Hip Hop's Cosmopolitanism: A Reflection on Isoke's "Women, Hip Hop and Cultural Resistance in Dubai"."  Informa UK Limited, January, 2013: 338-340. [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/09/30)

    This response paper considers the gender realities of the subjects in Isoke's Women, Hip Hop, and Cultural Resistance in Dubai in relation to U.S. based hip hop artists who have recently begun to situate their work and image in larger international contexts. Neal argues that the while recent and publicized acts have begun to mark US hip hop artists as "citizens of the world," in fact hip hop artist have always been cosmopolitian. © 2014 University of Illinois at Chicago.

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