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English Faculty: Publications since January 2019

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Aers, David

  1. Aers, D. "What is charity? William Langland’s answers with some diachronic questions." Religions 10.8 (August, 2019) [doi]  [abs]

Armstrong, Nancy

  1. Armstrong, N. "Why Looking Backward Is Necessary to Looking Forward." Victorian Literature and Culture 47.1Cambridge University Press (CUP), (March, 2019): 123-135. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Armstrong, N. "Afterword: Waiting for Foucault." Modern Language Quarterly 80.1 (January, 2019): 37-49. [doi]
  3. Armstrong, N. "Looking Backward: the Victorian Origins of the Neoliberal Household." Victorian Literature and Culture Cambridge University Press (CUP), (2019): 123-123.
  4. Armstrong, N. "The Contemporary Disposition of the Novel." Continental Thought and Theory 2.1 (2019): 3-27.
  5. Armstrong, N. "Waiting for Foucault." Mlq Special Issue , Desire and Domestic Fict (2019)
  6. Armstrong, N. "“What Use Is Althusser?”." Cultural Critique 103.1Project Muse, (2019): 13-18. [doi]
  7. Armstrong, N. "The Migrant Novel: on becoming what we are not.." Polygraph 27.  2019. 67-67.

Baran, Dominika M

  1. Baran, D. "Translocal spaces and identities: Negotiating belonging among former refugees in a Facebook group message." Language, Identity and Community (Lodz Studies in Language Series) Ed. Ciepiela, K. Peter Lang, (2019)
  2. Avineri, N. "Immigrants Facing Linguistic Barriers in the U.S. Justice System: Case Studies from North Carolina." Ed. Graham, L; Johnson, E; Riner, R; Rosa, J. Routledge,

Beckwith, Sarah

  1. Aers, D; Beckwith, S. "The fortunes of tragedy." Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 49.1 (January, 2019): 1-5. [doi]

D'Alessandro, Michael F

  1. D’Alessandro, M. "Storms! Shipwrecks! Massacres!." American Art 33.3University of Chicago Press, (September, 2019): 94-113. [doi]
  2. D'Alessandro, M. "Stumbling Into Utopia." Duke Magazine Special 2019 (August, 2019).
  3. D'Alessandro, M. "“Storms! Shipwrecks! Massacres!: Playbill Puffery and Other Visual Collisions in Nineteenth-Century America.”." American Art 33.3University of Chicago Press, (2019): 94-113.

Ferraro, Thomas J.

  1. Ferraro, TJ. Transgression and Redemption in American Fiction. Oxford University Press, October, 2020. 272 pages pp.  [abs]

Gobert, R. Darren

  1. Gobert, RD. "Mount Olympus: To Glorify the Cult of Tragedy by Jan Fabre." Theatre Journal 71.3Project Muse, (2019): 369-373. [doi]

Gritton, JP

  1. Gritton, JP. Wyoming. Tin House Books, September, 2019.
  2. Gritton, JP. "Beirut." Cimarron Review (2019).

Hayles, N. Katherine

  1. Hargrove, AE. "Preface.."  623 [doi]

Maren, Mesha M

  1. Maren, M. "West Virginia in Transition." The Oxford American (March, 2019).
  2. Maren, M. Sugar Run A Novel. Algonquin Books, January, 2019. 320 pages pp.  [abs]
  3. Maren, M. "Milk River." The Southern Review (2019).
  4. Maren, M. "Organ Cave." Ecotone (2019).
  5. Maren, M. "The Lightning Club." Triquarterly (Northwestern University, 2019).
  6. Maren, M. "Down a Steep Place." Southern Humanities Review (Auburn University, 2019).

McInnis, Jarvis C

  1. Mcinnis, JC. "Black Women's Geographies and the Afterlives of the Sugar Plantation." American Literary History 31.4Oxford University Press (OUP), (December, 2019): 741-774. [doi]  [abs]
  2. McInnis, JC. "A corporate plantation reading public: Labor, literacy, and diaspora in the global black South." American Literature 91.3Duke University Press, (September, 2019): 523-555. [doi]  [abs]

Moi, Toril

  1. Moi, T. "Response to eight respondents to my book Revolution of the Ordinary." Nonsite.Org Emory University. (May, 2019).
  2. Moi, T. "Acknowledging the other: Reading, writing, and living in the mandarins." Yale French Studies Ed. du Graf, L; Elsky, J; Fauré, C. 2019-January.135-136Yale University Press, (January, 2019): 100-115.
  3. Anderson, A; Felski, R; Moi, T. Character Three Inquiries in Literary Studies. Trios, 2019. 160 pages pp.  [abs]
  4. Anderson, A; Moi, T; Felski, R. "Introduction & Rethinking Character." Character Three Inquiries in Literary Studies. University of Chicago Press, 2019. 1-76.  [abs]
  5. Moi, T. "Lidenskapens grammatikk: Om Vigdis Hjorth og Annie Ernaux (The Grammar of Passion: About Vigdis Hjorth and Annie Ernaux)." Fem kvinner, tre menn og en datter skriver om Vigdis Hjorth. Ed. Grøner, E. Cappelen Damm, 2019. 77-88.

Pfau, Thomas

  1. Pfau, T. "“Superabundant being”: Disambiguating Rilke and Heidegger." Modern Theology 35.1WILEY, (January, 2019): 23-42. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Wolfe, J; Pfau, T. "Philosophy and theology in Germany, 1918 to 1933: Editorial introduction." Modern Theology 35.1WILEY, (January, 2019): 3-4. [doi]

Pope, Deborah

  1. Pope, D. Take Nothing. Carnegie Mellon University Press, February, 2020.

Rogers, Bradley

  1. Rogers, JB. The Song is You Musical Theatre and the Politics of Bursting Into Song and Dance.  2020.  [abs]

Smith, Barbara H.

  1. Smith, BH. "Unloading the Self-Refutation Charge." Common Knowledge 25.1-3Duke University Press, (April, 2019): 76-91. [doi]  [abs]

Vadde, Aarthi

  1. Majumdar, S; Vadde, A. The Critic as Amateur. Bloomsbury Academic, September, 2019. 288 pages pp.  [abs]
  2. Vadde, A; Micir, M. ""Weak Theory in the Mainly Precarious Room"."  Modernism/Modernity PrintPlus,
  3. Vadde, A. "The Concept of the Contemporary." Novel a Forum on Fiction 52.2Duke University Press, (August, 2019): 343-346. [doi]
  4. Vadde, A. "From Impasse to Operative." The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry 6.1Cambridge University Press (CUP), (January, 2019): 133-139. [doi]  [abs]

Wald, Priscilla

  1. Taylor, MA; Wald, P. "Xenopolitics." American Quarterly 71.3 (January, 2019): 895-902. [doi]

Werlin, Julianne

  1. Werlin, J. "Paper Angels: Paradise lost and the European state system." Milton Studies 61.2 (January, 2019): 212-238. [doi]  [abs]

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