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Research Interests for Susan Willis

Research Interests: American Literature; Critical Theory

Susan Willis is the author of Specifying: Black Women Writing the American Experience (University of Wisconsin Press, 1987) and a book on mass culture, A Primer For Daily Life (Routledge, 1990). She is co-author of Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Walt Disney World (Duke University Press, 1995).

Areas of Interest:

Culture Theory
Literary Theory

Recent Publications
  1. Willis, S; Jameson, S; Klugman, K; Kuenz, J, Strip Cultures: Finding America in Las Vegas (2015), Duke University Press
  2. Willis, S, John Muir's Sojourn in Bonaventure Cemetery, in The Good Gardener? Nature, Human, and the Garden, edited by Giesecke, A; Jacobs, N (2014), Artifice
  3. Willis, S, Bitta-Blue Farm and the Summer of BP, in Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia and the Garden, edited by Giesecke, A; Jacobs, N (2012), Black Dog, London UK, ISBN 978190731775
  4. Willis, S, The Whole World on a Plate, edited by Stanley Aronowitz, Situations, vol. 111 no. 1 (January, 2009), pp. 151-164, Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work, CUNY Graduate Center, ISSN 1082-7552 [abs]
  5. Willis, S, Cartas a Legba: Um Texto Encontrado (2008), Boitempo, Sao Paolo, ISBN 978-85-7559-113-0 [abs]

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