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Gregory Brennen, Graduate Student  

Gregory Brennen

Office Location: 314 Allen Building
Email Address: gregory.brennen@duke.edu
Web Page: http://novel.trinity.duke.edu

Victorian Literature
The Novel

MA, English: Victorian Studies, University of Exeter
MS, Higher Education, Northwestern University
BA, English, Government, Comparative Literature, Franklin and Marshall College

Recent Publications

  1. Love in a Time of Politics: The Political Romance of Modernity in Anthony Trollope’s Phineas Redux, The Fortnightly Review (January, 2015) [available here] .
  2. Legal Fictions, Legal Limits: The Noble Patriarch and the Power of Law in Victorian Literature, Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, vol. 8 no. 2 (Summer, 2012) [htm] .

I'm interested in the ways Victorians governed themselves and others. My work investigates Victorian novels' relationships with the state, political culture, and liberalism. More broadly, my interests include Victorian literature and culture, novel studies, and the history of political liberalism. Currently, I'm working on a project about the Palliser series. I also serve as the editorial assistant for the journal NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction.

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