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Jessica Stark, Graduate Student of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies and English  

Jessica Stark

Office Location: Allen Building
Email Address: jessica.quick@duke.edu
Web Page: http://duke.academia.edu/JStark

Modern to Contemporary
American Literature
Gender & Sexuality Studies
Creative Writing

BA, University of California, Berkeley
MA, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Saint Louis University in Madrid

Jessica Q. Stark is a PhD Candidate in English at Duke University, where she is studying the presence of community, collaboration, and popular culture across literary genres. Her dissertation project explores the intersections between modern to contemporary poetry and American comic books in conversation with theories on friendship, visualities, and shared popular objects. 

She holds a BA (High Honors) from UC Berkeley in English and a dual MA in English Literature and Cultural Studies from Saint Louis University and the Universidad Aurtónoma in Madrid, Spain. 

She works within the digital humanities to increase accessibility and communication among higher education scholars and students. She is currently developing a digital archive called Prattle that will enhance the conceptualization of social connections and collaboration between American poets writing during the latter half of the twentieth century. 

In her free time, she is a dedicated poet, a community arts events organizer, an illustrator, and a cat lover. Her first poetry chapbook, The Liminal Parade, was selected by Dorothea Lasky for Heavy Feather's Double Take Poetry Prize. Her first full-length poetry collection, Savage Pageant, is forthcoming with Birds LLC. 

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