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English : Research Interests


  1. David Aers, Medieval and Reformation Literature and Theology
  2. Dominika M Baran, Language and identity, language ideologies, multilingual communities, language in education, language and migration
  3. Sarah Beckwith, Medieval Literature, Shakespeare, Ordinary Language Philosophy
  4. Joseph Donahue, Creative Writing; Poetry
  5. Thomas J. Ferraro, American Literature and Culture, with special expertise in the novel and in the interplay of religion, ethnicity, and the media arts
  6. Ranjana Khanna, Critical Theory; Postcolonial Literature; Psychoanalytic Theory and Feminist Studies
  7. Nathaniel Mackey, American Literature, Caribbean Literature, Creative Writing, Poetry and Poetics
  8. Melissa Malouf, Creative Writing
  9. Robert E. Mitchell, British Literature of the Romantic Era; Romanticism; 18th Century Literature; Literature and Science
  10. Thomas Pfau, 19th Century Literature; Romanticism
  11. Kathy A. Psomiades, British Literature; Victorian Literature
  12. Victor H. Strandberg, American Literature
  13. Marianna Torgovnick, British Literature; 20th Century/Modernist Studies; American Studies; Film; Media Studies; Cultural Criticism, Art, Religion, and Anthropology
  14. Aarthi Vadde, British and Anglophone Literature, Transnational Modernism, Postcolonial Studies, Environmental Humanities, Media Studies
  15. Priscilla Wald, American Literature; Literature and Medicine; Literature and Science; Literature and Law; science and new media; race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity;


  1. N. Katherine Hayles, Digital Humanities; Electronic LIterature; Literature, Science and Technology; Science Fiction; Critial Theory
  2. Toril Moi, Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy & Literature, and 19th & 20th Century European Literature


  1. Mark A. Neal, African American business enterprises, African American mass media, Digital media, Music
  2. Bradley Rogers, Bradley Rogers (Ph.D., Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley) focuses on ...
  3. Joseph R. Winters, Religion and Critical Theory; African American Religious Thought; African American Literature; Continental Philosophy


  1. C Faulkner Fox, Creative Writing; Creative Nonfiction


  1. James W. Applewhite, Creative Writing; Poetry
  2. Christina Askounis, Creative Writing
  3. Ronald R. Butters, Linguistics
  4. Cathy N. Davidson, New Media, History of Technology, American Literature
  5. A Leigh DeNeef, Renaissance Literature; Critical Theory
  6. George D. Gopen, Writing; British Literature
  7. Karla Holloway, African American Cultural/Literary Studies, Biocultural Studies, Ethics in Law and Medicine
  8. Buford Jones, American Literature; 19th Century Literature
  9. Michael V. Moses, British and Irish Literature; 20th Century/Modernist Studies
  10. Deborah Pope, Creative Writing; Poetry; American Literature; Gender & Sexuality Studies; Literature and Medicine
  11. Joseph A. Porter, Renaissance Literature; Creative Writing
  12. Maureen Quilligan, Renaissance Literature
  13. Barbara H. Smith, critical theory; social studies of science; epistemology; philosophy of science; naturalistic studies of religion
  14. Julie A. Tetel, Linguistics
  15. Susan Willis, American Literature; Critical Theory

Graduate Students

  1. Layla Aldousany, early modern literature, science studies
  2. Devin Buckley, Romanticism, German Idealism, Aesthetics, Phenomenology
  3. Kevin Gallin, Theory of the Novel, Contemporary Anglophone, Modernism, Irish Literature, Postcolonial/Global Literature, Genre Theory
  4. Sasha Panaram, African American Literature; Nineteenth and Twentieth Century American Literatures; Critical ...
  5. Christopher Ramos, Asian studies; Asian diaspora studies
  6. Claire Ravenscroft, Claire Ravenscroft is a doctoral candidate in the English department ...
  7. Sara Seeskin, American literature and sociology, feminism, design, architecture, fashion, socialist thought, ...
  8. Jessica Stark, 20th-Century American poetry, forms of cultural belonging and exile in ...
  9. Robert Tate, Early Modern Poetry and ...
  10. Hannah Vanderhart, Poetry (Milton), Subjectivity and Selfhood, 17th Century Philosophy, Statecraft. I ...

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