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Publications [#320128] of Elizabeth Grosz

Book Chapters

  1. Grosz, E. "Histories of the present and future: Feminism, power, bodies." Thinking the Limits of the Body December, 2003: 13-23.

    There is much about feminist theory that is in a state of flux right now; major transformations are occurring regarding how feminist politics and its long- and short-term goals and methods are conceived. The debates about the place of identity in political struggle, attempts to make feminism more inclusive, the ways in which even the body is conceptualized, the impact of feminism on young women and men, have, instead of producing a new more focused and cohesive feminist movement, simply witnessed the growing fragmentation and division within its ranks. I would like to look at some of the effects that some key theoretical/political changes have on the ways in which feminist scholarship and theory have changed or should change. © 2003 State University of New York. All rights reserved.

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