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Publications [#327000] of Elizabeth Grosz

Journal Articles

  1. Grosz, E; Yusoff, K; Clark, N. "An Interview with Elizabeth Grosz: Geopower, Inhumanism and the Biopolitical." Theory, Culture and Society 34:2-3 (January, 2017): 129-146. [doi]

    © 2017, © The Author(s) 2017. This article is an interview with Elizabeth Grosz by Kathryn Yusoff and Nigel Clark. It primarily addresses Grosz’s approaches to ‘geopower’, and the discussion encompasses an exploration of her ideas on biopolitics, inhuman forces and material experimentation. Grosz describes geopower as a force that subtends the possibility of politics. The interview is accompanied by a brief contextualizing introduction examining the themes of geophilosophy and the inhumanities in Grosz’s work.

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