Paul S Manos, Professor of Biology

Paul S Manos
Office Location:  330 Bio Sci Building
Office Phone:  (919) 660-7358
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Ph.D., Cornell University, 1993

Current Ph.D. Students  

Postdocs Mentored

Recent Publications

  1. Hipp, A.L., D.A. Eaton, J. Cavender-Bares, E. Fitzek, R. Nipper, and P.S. Manos, A framework phylogeny of the American oak clade based on sequenced RAD data, PLoS ONE, vol. 9 no. 4 (2014), pp. e102272
  2. Burge, DO, Hopkins R, Tsai Y-H, and PS Manos, Limited hybridization across an edaphic disjunction between the gabbro-endemic shrub Ceanothus roderickii (Rhamnaceae) and the soil-generalist Ceanothus cuneatus, American Journal of Botany, vol. 100 (2013), pp. 1883-1895
  3. Kremer, A., A.G. Abbott, J.E. Carlson, P.S. Manos, C. Plomion, P. Sisco, M.E. Staton, S. Ueno, and G. Vendramin, Genomics of Fagaceae, Tree Genetics & Genomics, vol. 8 (2012), pp. 583-610
  4. Burge, D.O., D.M. Erwin, M.B. Islam, L. Kellermann, S.W. Kembel, D.H. Wilken and P.S. Manos, Diversification of Ceanothus (Rhamnaceae) in the California Floristic Province, International Journal of Plant Sciences, vol. 172 (2011), pp. 1137-1164
  5. Burge, D.O., and P.S. Manos, Edaphic ecology and genetics of the gabbro-endemic shrub Ceanothus roderickii (Rhamnaceae)., Madroño, vol. 58 (2011), pp. 1-21