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Publications of Edna Andrews    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Books and Monographs

  1. E Andrews, Neuroscience and multilingualism (January, 2014), pp. 1-254, ISBN 9781139567770  [abs]
  2. E Andrews and E Maksimova, Russian Translation: Theory and Practice (2 volumes), manual, vol. Two volumes (2010), Routledge Publishers (Volume 2 is in electronic format..)
  3. E Andrews, Conversations with lotman: Cultural semiotics in language, literature, and cognition, manual (2003), pp. 1-204, The University of Toronto Press, ISBN 9781442673458 (Translated into Japanese in 2005.)  [abs]
  4. E Andrews, Russian: A Grammar of Contemporary Russian, manual (2001), Lincom Europa, Munchen
  5. E Andrews, The semantics of suffixation in Russian, Slavic Linguistics, manual (1996), Munchen, Germany: Lincom Europa (Nominated for a prize in linguistics by AATSEEL.)
  6. E. Andrews, About Sintetizm, Mathematics and other things. (in Russian) (O синтетиэме, математике и прочем �.: Pоман <<мы>> еи замятина (1994), St. Petersburg, Russia: Astra Lyuks ([published review of book in Vestnik SPBU, vyp.1, no.2, January , 1995].)
  7. E Andrews, Markedness theory: The union of asymmetry and semiosis in language, The Roman Jakobson Series in Linguistics and Poetics, manual (1990), Durham, NC: Duke Univeristy Press

Edited Volumes

  1. Andrews, E; Dickey, S, Slavic Linguistics: In Honor of Ronald Feldstein (2011)
  2. Andrews, E, Slavic Linguistics 2K: A Retrospective Volume, edited by Andrews, E; Franks, S; Feldstein, R; G, F (2006), Slavika Publishers
  3. Andrews, E, Contemporary Russian Studies: Language, Culture, Text (2002), pp. 200 pp.; edited-200 pp.; edited, GLOSSOS
  4. Benjamins, J, A Calculus of Meaning: Studies in Markedness, Distinctive Features and Deixis, edited by Andrews, E; Tobin, Y (1996), pp. 432 pp.; edited-432 pp.; edited


  1. E. Andrews, Русские глагольные приставки. (2009), Russian Language Publishers: Moscow
  2. with E Andrews, G Averyanova and G Pyadusova, Russian Verb: Forms and Functions, manual (1997), Russkij jazyk: Moscow (358 pp. Second revised and expanded edition, 2001, 384 pp..)
  3. with E. Maksimova, С места в карьер: A structural approach to contemporary Russian grammar - an instructor's manual (1994), Boston, MA: Focus Publishers
  4. E. Andrews, I. Dolgova & E. Predtecenskaja, Пособие по русскому глаголу (Posobie po russkomu glagolu), vol. 2 (1988), New York: CIEE
  5. E. Andrews, G.N. Averyanova & G.I. Pyadusova, Пособие по русскому глаголу (Posobie po russkomu glagolu), vol. 1 (1987), New York: CIEE
  6. E Andrews, A second year grammar and one-stem dictionary, manual (1987)
  7. E Andrews, A first year Supplementary Russian grammar, manual (1987)
  8. E Andrews, G McLaws and A Rogers, A handbook of Russian verbal prefixes, manual (1983), Bloomington: Physsardt (Reprinted 1990, Babel Publishers.)

Papers Published

  1. E Andrews, C Bae, N Davis, P Kang, N Mehta and T Hausburg, Speech and Sung Phoneme Perception, manual (2011) (under review.)
  2. E Andrews, Language and brain: Recasting meaning in the definition of human language, SEMIOTICA, vol. 184 no. 1-4 (2011), pp. 11-32, Cambridge University Press, ISSN 0037-1998 (in press.) [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  3. E Andrews, Markedness Theory: Tense and Aspect in the Russian Verb, in The Russian Verb (Oxford University Press), edited by R Binnick, manual (2010), Oxford University Press
  4. E. Andrews and E. Maksimova, Semiotic Transitions: A Key to Modelling Translation, Sign Systems Studies, vol. 36 no. 3 (2009)
  5. E Andrews, Lotman and the Cognitive Sciences: The Role of Autocommunication in the Language of Memory, in Integration und Explosion. Perspektiven auf die Kutursemiotik Jurij Lotmans, manual (2009), Unviersity of Konstanz, Germany
  6. E Andrews, Redefining Discontinuity in Cultural Space: Principles of Semiospheric Explosion, in Introductory article to Ju. M. Lotman, Culture and Explosion, trans. by W. Clark, manual (2009), Mouton de Gruyter
  7. E Andrews, Series of articles on semiotic topics, in The Routledge Companion to Semiotics, edited by P Cobley, manual (2009), London: Routledge Publishers
  8. E Andrews and E Maksimova, Semiospheric Transitions: A Key to Modelling Translation, in Sign Systems Studies, Труды по знаковым системам, manual (2008)
  9. E Andrews, “The Semiotics of Jurij Lotman.”, in The Literary Encyclopedia., manual (2008), The Literary Dictionary Company Limited
  10. E. Andrews, Gender roles and perception: Russian diminutives in discourse, in Slavic Gender Linguistics, edited by M. Mills (2006), Amsterdam: John Benjamins Press
  11. E. Andrews, Grammar and pragmatics: The two axes of language and deixis, in Current Issues in Lingusitic Theory, edited by L.R. Waugh & S. Rudy, vol. 49 (2006), pp. 407-413
  12. E Andrews, Zamyatin and the circle of colors, in Zamyatin and "We": An Anthology, manual (2006) (to appear.)
  13. E Andrews, Medial Temporal Lobes and Languages: The Case of HM,, Journal of Memory and Language (2005)
  14. E Andrews, Neurolinguistic perspectives on Second Language Acquisition, Language (Journal of the Linguistic Society of America) (2005-2006)
  15. with E Andrews and B Skotko, H.M.’s Language Skills: Clues About Language and the Medial Temporal Lobe, Journal of Memory and Language (2005-2006) (under review.)
  16. E. Andrews, Conversations with Lotman: Cultural Semiotics in Language, Literature and Cognition (2004), University of Toronto Press
  17. E. Andrews, Пределы русской души: построение художественного пространства в творчестве М.А. Булгакова и Е.И. Замятина, in Leib, Geist und Seele in der russischen Literatur und Kultur, Weiner Slawistischer Almanach Bach, 54, edited by J. van Baak & S. Brouwer (2004), pp. 241-252
  18. E. Andrews & E. Maksimova, Замятинский Пушкин: Пушкинские образы в романе ?Мы? Е.И. Замятина, in Russkoe slovo v mirovoj kul'ture (2003), pp. 364-371, St. Petersburg: Izd. Politexnika
  19. E Andrews, Gender Roles and Perception: Russian Diminutives in Discourse, in Slavic Gender Linguistics, edited by M Mills, manual (2003), John Benjamins Press, Amsterdam (accepted.)
  20. E Andrews, Peterburg Axmatovoj i Bloka, in Gorod, gor'koj lyubovyu lyubimyj, manual (2003), St. Petersburg, Russia: Astra Lyuks (Introductory Article.)
  21. E Andrews, Viktor Shklovskij: proza 20-x godov, in The Poetics and Stylistics of the Literature of the Nineteen Twenties, manual (2003), St. Petersburg University Press (in press.)
  22. E Andrews, Teorija postroenie xudozhestvennogo prostranstva: Lotman i Florenskij, manual (2003), St. Petersburg University Press
  23. E Andrews, Tartu School Contributions to the Study of Literary Texts: The Work of Peeter Torop, Semiotica, vol. 144 no. 1/4 (2003), pp. 377-380
  24. E Andrews, Memory, Language and Brain, Prague School Linguistics (2003) (tentative volume title.)
  25. with E Andrews and E Maksimova, Zamjatinkskij Puskin, Russkaja Literatura, Journal of the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Puskinskij Dom (2003), accepted
  26. E Andrews, Russian Contributions to Cognitive Science: Vygotsky, Luria, Jakobson and Lotman, in Contemporary Russian Studies: Language, Culture, Text, manual (2002), St. Petersburg University Press
  27. E Andrews, Russian Derivational Morphology and Shifting Reference, Townsend Memorial Volume (2002)
  28. E Andrews, Text and Culture: Continuous Discontinuity in Lotman and Zamjatin, in Russian Literature, XLIX-IV, manual (May, 2001), pp. 347-370, Netherlands
  29. E Andrews, K opredeleniju semioticheskogo prostranstva, in Jazyk, Kul'tura, Obshchenie, 92-95, manual (2000), St. Petersburg, Russia: St. Petersburg University
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  31. E Andrews, The Role of Semiotics in Modern Linguistic Theory, in Contemporary Slavic Linguistics, edited by G Fowler, manual (2000), Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers
  32. E Andrews, Recasting Animacy: The Codification of Perceptual Distinctions in Language, edited by E Contini-Morava and Y Tobin, manual (2000), pp. 205-223, Mouton Publishers: Berlin
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  40. E Andrews, Sovremennaja zizn’ i vopros o tabu, in Avrora, manual (1996), St. Petersburg, Russia
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  70. E Andrews, An error analysis of modern Russian, in Teaching and Learning at Indiana University, manual, vol. 6 no. 2 (Winter, 1983), Bloomington, IN: Teaching Resource Center, Indiana University

Book Reviews

  1. E Andrews, Slavic Languages in the Context of Languages of the Worl. Review of Comrie/Corbett The Slavonic Languages, SEEJ (Fall, 2005) (to appear.)
  2. E Andrews, Jakobson between East and West: 1915-1939, SEEJ (The Slavic and East European Journal) (2000)
  3. E Andrews, Einstein: Selected Works (vols III & IV) by Richard Taylor & William Powell, Europe-Asia Studies (1997)
  4. E Andrews, Evaluation in ELT by Cyril Weir & Jon Robers, American Speech (1995)
  5. E Andrews, Osobennosti razvitija russkoj leksiki v novejsij period (na materiale gazet), The Slavic and East European Journal, vol. 39 no. 3 (Fall, 1995)
  6. E Andrews, The Port-Royal Grammar, SECOL Review (1994)
  7. E Andrews, Contemporary Morphology, Studies in Second Language Acquisition (1992)
  8. E Andrews, Language: A Theory of its Stucture and Use by Pers Saugstad, Language, vol. 67 no. 1 (March, 1991)
  9. E Andrews, Markedness Theory by Ed Batistella, American Speech (1991)
  10. E Andrews, Cognitive Science, SECOL Review (1990)
  11. E. Andrews, Frontiers in Semiotics edited by J. Deely, B. Williams & F.E. Kruse, American Speech, vol. 62 no. 4 (Winter, 1987)

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