Publications of Robert N. Brandon


  1. with RN Brandon and R Samson, Integrating Development and Evolution, edited by R Samson and R Brandon, manual (2007), The MIT Press

Papers Published

  1. RN Brandon and DW McShea, Four solutions for four puzzles, edited by K. Sterelny, Biology and Philosophy, vol. 27 no. 5 (2012), pp. 737-744, Springer, ISSN 0169-3867
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  6. RN Brandon, The Principle of Drift: Biology's First Law, The Journal of Philosophy, vol. CII no. 7 (July, 2006), pp. 319-335, The Journal of Philosophy, Inc.

Papers Accepted

  1. RN Brandon, A General Case for Functional Pluralism, in Function: Selection and Mechanisms, edited by P Huneman, manual (2011), Springer
  2. RN Brandon, The Concept of the Environment in Evolutionary Theory, in The Environment: Topics in Contemporary Philosophy, edited by M O'rourke and M Slater, manual, vol. 9 (2011), pp. 19-35, MIT Press, ISBN 9780262017404
  3. with RN Brandon and G Ramsey, What’s Wrong with the Emergentist Statistical Interpretation of Natural Selection and Random Drift, in The Cambridge Companion to Philosophy of Biology, edited by M Ruse and D Hull, manual (2006), Cambridge University Press

Papers Submitted

  1. with Grant Ramsey, Toward a Pluralistic Account of Altruism: Why Reciprical Alturism is Not a Kind of Group Selection, Philosophy of Science (2006), Philosophy of Science Association