Publications of Robert N. Brandon


  1. with Roger Samson, Integrating Development and Evolution, edited by Roger Samson and Robert Brandon (2007), The MIT Press

Papers Published

  1. R.N. Brandon and D. McShea, Four solutions for four puzzles, edited by K. Sterelny, Biology and Philosophy, vol. 27 no. 5 (2012), pp. 737-744, Springer, ISSN 0169-3867
  2. G Ramsey and R Brandon, Why reciprocal altruism is not a kind of group selection, Biology & Philosophy, vol. 26 no. 3 (May, 2011), pp. 385-400, ISSN 0169-3867
  3. R.N. Brandon, “Why Reciprocal Altruism is Not a Kind of Group Selection” (with Grant Ramsey) in Biology and Philosophy, (2011) Vol. 26, 3: 385-400. (2011)
  4. R.N. Brandon, “The Concept of the Environment in Evolutionary Theory,” in The Environment: Topics in Contemporary Philosophy, vol. 9 (ed. By M. O’Rouke and M. Slater) (2011), MIT Press
  5. R.N. Brandon, “A General Case for Functional Pluralism,” in Function: Selection and Mechanisms (ed. by P. Huneman) (2011), Springer
  6. RN Brandon, The Principle of Drift: Biology's First Law, The Journal of Philosophy, vol. CII no. 7 (July, 2006), pp. 319-335, The Journal of Philosophy, Inc.

Papers Accepted

  1. RN Brandon, A General Case for Functional Pluralism (2011)
  2. RN Brandon, The Concept of the Environment in Evolutionary Theory, vol. 9 (2011)
  3. with Grant Ramsey, What’s Wrong with the Emergentist Statistical Interpretation of Natural Selection and Random Drift, in The Cambridge Companion to Philosophy of Biology, edited by Michael Ruse and David Hull (2006), Cambridge University Press

Papers Submitted

  1. with Grant Ramsey, Toward a Pluralistic Account of Altruism: Why Reciprical Alturism is Not a Kind of Group Selection, Philosophy of Science (2006), Philosophy of Science Association