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Faculty: Jean-Jacques Thomas  

Jean-Jacques Thomas
Title: Professor of Romance Studies, Literature and Linguistics; Duke in France Campus Director; French and Program in Literature
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Jean-Jacques Thomas is Professor of Romance Studies, Literature and Linguistics at Duke University. Since Fall 2005 he is Director of Canadian and North American Studies. From 1990 to 2005 he was the Director of the Summer Institute of French and Francophone Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He taught at the Université de Paris-VIII, the University of Michigan and at Columbia University; for three years he was a Visiting Professor at UQAM; in 2005 he was appointed Associate Faculty Member at the Centre d'Etudes Poétiques of the Ecole Normale Supérieure. In January 2005 he was elected member on the Board of Trustees (as "International Academic Expert")at the University of Aix-Marseille (France). He has published several books on poetics and contemporary French literature: Lire Leiris: essai d'étude poétique d'un fonctionnement analinguistique (Paris, 1972); Poétique générative (Paris, 1978); Poética Générativa (Buenos Aires, 1982; new and augmented edition, 1989); La langue, la poésie (Lille, 1989); Yves Bonnefoy: A Concordance (New York, 1990); La langue volée (Berne, 1990). With Steven Winspur he co-authored Poeticized Language (Penn State Press, 2000). He translated into French The Semiotic Web [La Toile sémiotique] by Thomas Sebeok (Bruxelles, 1981) and Semiotics of Poetry [Sémiotique de la poésie] by Michael Riffaterre (Paris, 1983). He is a founding editor and a member of the editorial board of the European journal FPC (2003) and an associate editor of Poetics Today; he is a member of the editorial boards of Studies in 20th-Century Literature, Sub-Stance, and a former member of the Advisory Editorial Committee of PMLA. He is Directeur Littéraire (Editor-in-chief) of PUNM (New Orleans). He has been chair of several MLA divisional committees and he was an elected member of the Delegate Assembly ; in 2003 he was asked to be a candidate for the MLA Executive Committee (declined). Since 1996 he is a national member for the AP evaluation board and was a member of the Coalition Group of Foreign Languages Specialists which produced the National Standards for Foreign Languages (Project 2000).
Office Hours:

T 3:00-4:30


  • Diplome de l'Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales, Université de Paris-III, 1972
  • Doctorat Mention "Très bien", Université de Paris-Sorbonne, 1972
  • Maîtrise ès-Lettres Classiques, Université de Lille, France, 1969
  • Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures, Université de Lille, 1969
  • Étudiant libre,, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, 1969

Research Interests:  

19th and 20th Centuries French, Poetry, Poetics Linguistics, Semiotics, Literature Culture and Francophone Studies of the New World (Canada, Caribbean, Louisiana)


DGS Romance Studies
Recent Publications   (More Publications)

Articles Accepted in Journal

  • J.-J. Thomas. "« Photographic Memories of French Poetry : Denis Roche, Jean-Marie Gleize»,." Yale French Studies  (Summer 2008).
  • J. Thomas. "« Gleize’s Poetic Pix »." L'Esprit Créateur  (Spring 2008).
Articles in a Collection
  • J.-J.Thomas. "« DADA »."  Dallas: Gale Group, Spring, 2007. [pdf]
  • J.-J. Thomas. "«Jean-Marie Gleize ou la poétique de l’aporie herméneutique »." Ecrire l’énigme Ed. Christelle Reggiani, Bernard Magné eds. Paris : Presses Universitaires de Paris-Sorbonne, 2007, 215-230.. [aff_livre.php]
Articles Accepted in Collection
  • J.-J. Thomas. "«Roubaud Proprose”." Jacques Roubaud, écrivain, mathématicien. Ed. Agnès Dixon, Véronique Montémont eds. Paris : Presses Universitaires du CNRS, Spring 2008.

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