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Research Interests for James L. Rolleston

Research Interests:

Professor of German and Literature (Ph.D. Yale, 1968). He has been at Duke since 1975 and is currently chair of the German Department. His books include Kafka 's Narrative Theater (1974), and Narratives of Ecstasy: Romantic Temporality in Modern German Poetry (1987). His research interests focus on romanticism, the Frankfurt School generally, and Walter Benjamin in particular. His translation of Peter Weiss' last play, The New Trial, is to be published by Duke Press; and he is currently editing a new collection of essays on Kafka. For the Literature Program, he directs the team-taught graduate course in 20th century literary theory.

Recent Publications
  1. J. Rolleston, Choric Consciousness in Expressionist Poetry: Ernst Stadler, Else Lasker-Schüler, Georg Heym, Georg Trakl, Gottfried Benn, in A Companion to German Expressionism, edited by Neil Donahue (forthcoming), Rochester, NY: Camden House
  2. J. Rolleston, Heute, 1948: Photojournalism Frames the German Present, South Atlantic Review (forthcoming)
  3. J. Rolleston, A Companion to the Works of Franz Kafka (2002), Camden House
  4. Raymond Furness, Zarathustra's Children: A Study of a Lost Generation of German Writers, vol. 93 no. 4 (2001) (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2000.)
  5. J. Rolleston, The Poetry and Poetics of the Young Rilke, 1879-1902, in A Rilke Companion, edited by Michael and Erica Metzger (2001), pp. 40-66, Columbia, S.C.: Camden House

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