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Publications [#295988] of Markos Hadjioannou

Articles in a Collection

  1. Hadjioannou, M. "In Search of Lost Reality: Waltzing with Bashir." Deleuze and Film Ed. Martin-Jones, D; Brown, W. Deleuze Connections.Edinburgh University Press, April, 2012.
    (last updated on 2019/10/13)

    In line with the dynamic creativity exposed by both D. N. Rodowick and Gilles Deleuze, and with the aim of developing the impact of Deleuze’s film-philosophy further, this chapter addresses the position of reality in the cinematic image. The focus will be Ari Folman’s animated documentary Vals Im Bashir/Waltz with Bashir (2008), a mesmerising movie that triggers anew the debate regarding the documentarian’s treatment of the world. Through the creative practice of Folman’s vision, where the world documented is also animated, my aim is to question a common assertion regarding the world of non-fiction cinema, placing this type of filmmaking within the uniqueness of Deleuze’s approach to reality in cinema. In essence, what becomes central to my discussion is the impossibility of a clear opposition between fiction and non-fiction, and, most importantly, the question of what this means for the figure of reality within the cinematic image.

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