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Literature Faculty: Publications since January 2019

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Abe, Stanley

  1. Abe, S. "Before Sculpture." Towards the Future: Museums and Art History in East Asia. Ed. Suzuki, H; Akiyama, A Japanese Committee for CIHA, Comité International de l’Histoire de l’Art and Otsuka Museum of Art, 2020: 50-56.

Bassiri, Nima

  2. Hodson, R; Sohn, E; DeWeerdt, S; Makin, S; el-Showk, S; Bundell, S; Gravitz, L; Savage, N; Segal, M; Drew, L; Zhang, X; Zhang, Q; Zhang, F; Michel, M; Beck, D; Yoshida, M; Lynn, CW; Bassett, DS; Cabrera, L; Sadle, C; Purcell, E; Farahany, NA; Greely, HT; Song, H; Tonegawa, S; Morrissey, MD; Kitamura, T; Pasca, SP; Zidan, MA; Strachan, JP; Lu, WD; Neftci, EO; Averbeck, BB. "The brain." Nature  (July, 2019).

Chow, Rey

  1. Chow, R. "The message it is not: The work of the medium known as documentary." The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry 7.2 (April, 2020): 199-202. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Chow, R. Not Like a Native Speaker On Languaging as a Postcolonial Experience.  Columbia University Press, 2020 (38-65 pp.).

cooke, miriam   (search)

  1. Cooke, M. "Displacement, war, and exile in simone fattal's works and days." Journal of Middle East Women'S Studies 16.1 (January, 2020): 100-102. [doi]
  2. Cooke, M. "On Arabic: Reflections from Edinburgh University to Duke University." The Arabic Classroom: Context, Text and Learners  (April, 2019): 63-68. [doi]
  3. Cooke, M. "Murad vs. ISIS: Rape as a weapon of genocide." Journal of Middle East Women'S Studies 15.3 (January, 2019): 261-285. [doi]  [abs]

Davis, N. Gregson

  1. "Euphrosyne." Beiträge Zur Altertumskunde 370 (2020).

Dorfman, Ariel

  1. Dorfman, A. "Advice for Maduro." Nation 308.6 (March, 2019): 4-+.

Flanagan, Owen

  1. Flanagan, O. "Is Oneness an Over-belief?."  September, 2019: 508-513. [doi]

Hardt, Michael

  1. Means, AJ; Sojot, AN; Ida, Y; Hardt, M. "A dialogue with Michael Hardt on revolution, joy, and learning to let go." Educational Philosophy and Theory  (January, 2020). [doi]  [abs]
  2. Metz, A; Hardt, M; Mezzadra, S. "From social worker to social ship owner: Interview with Alessandro Metz." South Atlantic Quarterly 119.1 (January, 2020): 176-181. [doi]
  3. Hardt, M; Mezzadra, S. "Introduction: Migrant projects of freedom." South Atlantic Quarterly 119.1 (January, 2020): 168-175. [doi]

Harootunian, Harry

  1.  Japan in the WorldBoundaries 2  (1992-1993). (Collaborative introduction)

Hayles, N. Katherine

  1. Hargrove, AE. "Preface.." . 2019, xv-xvii. [doi]

Moi, Toril

  1. Moi, T, Response to eight respondents to my book Revolution of the Ordinary. Nonsite.Org  (May, 2019).
  2. Moi, T. "Acknowledging the other: Reading, writing, and living in the mandarins." Yale French Studies 2019-January.135-136 (January, 2019): 100-115.
  3. Anderson, A; Felski, R; Moi, T. Character Three Inquiries in Literary Studies.  Trios, 2019 (160 pages pp.).  [abs]
  4. Anderson, A; Moi, T; Felski, R. "Introduction & Rethinking Character." Character Three Inquiries in Literary Studies. University of Chicago Press, 2019, 1-76.  [abs]
  5. Moi, T. "Lidenskapens grammatikk: Om Vigdis Hjorth og Annie Ernaux (The Grammar of Passion: About Vigdis Hjorth and Annie Ernaux)." Fem kvinner, tre menn og en datter skriver om Vigdis Hjorth Ed. Grøner, E. Cappelen Damm, 2019, 77-88.

Mottahedeh, Negar   (search)

  1. McLARNEY, E; MOTTAHEDEH, N. "Soundscapes of the iranian revolution." Journal of Middle East Women'S Studies 16.2 (July, 2020): 227-234. [doi]
  2. LARNEY, EM; Mottahedeh, N. "Images of an undocumented revolution: Interview with claudine mulard." Journal of Middle East Women'S Studies 16.2 (July, 2020): 235-243. [doi]
  3. Mottahedeh, N. Whisper Tapes Kate Millett in Iran.  Stanford University Press, February, 2019 (224 pages pp.).  [abs]

Pfau, Thomas

  1. Pfau, T. "“Superabundant being”: Disambiguating Rilke and Heidegger." . WILEY, January, 2019, 23-42. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Wolfe, J; Pfau, T. "Philosophy and theology in Germany, 1918 to 1933: Editorial introduction." . WILEY, January, 2019, 3-4. [doi]

Smith, Barbara H.

  1. Smith, BH. "Unloading the Self-Refutation Charge." . Duke University Press, April, 2019, 76-91. [doi]  [abs]

Wiegman, Robyn

  1. Wiegman, R. "Introduction: Autotheory theory." Arizona Quarterly 76.1 (March, 2020): 1-14. [doi]
  2. Wiegman, R. "Introduction: Now, not now." Differences: a Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 30.1 (January, 2019): 2-14. [doi]

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