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Publications of Susan Willis    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Willis, S; Jameson, S; Klugman, K; Kuenz, J. Strip Cultures: Finding America in Las Vegas.  Duke University Press, 2015.
  2. Willis, S. Cartas a Legba: Um Texto Encontrado.  Boitempo, 2008.  [abs]
  3. Willis, S. Portents of the Real: A Primer for Post-9/11 America.  Verso, 2005.
  4. Willis, S; Klugman, K; Kuenz, J; Waldrep, S. Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World.  Duke University Press, 1995. (Co-authored with Karen Klugman, Jane Kuenz, and Shelton Waldrep)
  5. Willis, S. A Primer for Daily Life.  Routledge, 1991.  [abs]
  6. Willis, S. Specifying: Black Women Writing the American Experience.  University of Wisconsin Press, 1986.  [abs]

Articles in a Collection

  1. Willis, S. "John Muir's Sojourn in Bonaventure Cemetery." The Good Gardener? Nature, Human, and the Garden Ed. Giesecke, A; Jacobs, N. Artifice, 2014.
  2. Willis, S. "Bitta-Blue Farm and the Summer of BP." Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia and the Garden Ed. Giesecke, A; Jacobs, N. Black Dog, 2012.
  3. Willis, S. "The Whole World on a Plate."  Ed. Stanley Aronowitz. Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work, January, 2009, 151-164.  [abs]
  4. Willis, S. "Playing the Penny Slots." . Winter, 2008.
  5. Willis, S. "Forensics of Spinach." . Fall, 2007.
  6. Willis, S. "Disney’s Besitary." Rethinking Disney: Private Control, Public Dimensions Ed. Budd, M. Wesleyan University Press, 2005.
  7. Willis, S. "Photos: Shadowing an Enigma." Jean Baudrillard Ed. L'Yvonnet, F. Cahier de l’Herne, 2005.
  8. Willis, S. "Bunker Society." . 2003. (The shadow government in post 9/11 America)
  9. Willis, S. "What Goes Around Comes Around." . Winter, 2003. (The Washington D.C. Snipers)
  10. Willis, S. "Anansi history: George Elliott Clarke's Whylah Falls." . March, 2002.
  11. Willis, S. "Old Glory." . Spring, 2002, 375-383.
  12. Willis, S. "Anthrax R Us." . Winter, 2002. (anthrax hoaxes as social metaphor)
  13. Willis, S. "Looking at the Zoo." . Winter, 2000. (Landscape Design and the status of animals)
  14. Willis, S. "Imagining Dinosaurs." Girls, Boys, Toys, Gender: An Anthology of Children’s Culture Ed. Clark, B; Higonnet, M. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
  15. Willis, S. "Deportacion: el Jucio Contra Margaret Randall." . 1998.
  16. Willis, S. "Teens at Work: Negotiating the Jobless Future." Generations of Youth Ed. Austin, J; Willard, M. NYU Press, 1998.
  17. Willis, S. "Play for Profit." Feminisms and Pedagogies of Everyday Life Ed. Luke, C. SUNY Press, 1995.
  18. Willis, S. "Memory in Mass Culture." History and Memory in African American Culture Ed. Fabre, G; O'Meally, R. OXFORD, 1994.
  19. Willis, S. "Hardcore: Subculture American Style." . January, 1993, 365-365. [doi]
  20. Willis, S. "Disney World: Public Use/Private Space." . Duke University Press, Winter, 1993, 119-137. (An examination of cultural practices at Disney World with an eye to engaging the distinction between public and private sectors) [Gateway.cgi]
  21. Willis, S. "Specifying: Black Women Writing the American Experience." Feminisms Ed. Warhol, RR; Herndl, DP. Rutgers, 1991.
  22. Willis, S. "A Primer for Daily Life." Das Argument, 189 and Ways of Reading. St. Martins Press, 1991.
  23. Willis, S. "Earthquake Kits: The Politics of the Trivial." . Duke University Press, Fall, 1990, 761-785. [Gateway.cgi]
  24. Willis, S. "Work(ing) Out." . Fall, 1989. (Aerobics as a commodified form of labor) [Gateway.cgi]
  25. Willis, S. "I Shop Therefore I Am." Changing Our Own Words Ed. Wall, CA. Rutgers University Press, 1988. (The influence of commodity culture on Afro- American cultural integrity)
  26. Willis, S. "Fantasia: Walt Disney’s Los Angeles Suite." . Fall, 1987. (Towards a theory of American popular culture)
  27. Willis, S. "Learning from the Banana." . Winter, 1987. (An examination of the logo as a sign of consumer society)
  28. Willis, S. "Gender as Commodity." . Duke University Press, Fall, 1987, 403-421. (The influence of the commodity form on gender in children's toys) [Gateway.cgi]
  29. Willis, S. "Black Women Writers: Taking a Critical Perspective." Feminist Theory and Criticism Ed. Greene, G; Kahn, C. Metheun, 1985.
  30. Willis, S. "Nobody’s Mulata." . 1984. (Transcoding metaphors of sex and race into history)
  31. Willis, S. "Alice Walker’s Women." . Fall, 1984. (History and community in Walker's novels)
  32. Willis, S. "Crushed Geraniums: Juan Francisco Manzano and the Language of Slavery." The Slave’s Narrative: Texts and Contexts Ed. Davis, CT; Gates, HL. Oxford University Press, 1984.
  33. Willis, S. "Eruptions of Funk: Historicizing Toni Morrison." Black Literature and Literary Theory Ed. Gates, H. Methuen, 1984.
  34. Willis, S. "The Aesthetics of the Rural Slum: Contradictions and Dependency in ‘The Bear'." Faulkner: New Perspectives Ed. Brodhead, RH. Prentice Hall, 1983.
  35. Willis, S. "Eruptions of Funk: Historicizing Toni Morrison." . Spring, 1982, 34-42. (The historical content of Morrison's metaphors. Reprinted in Black Literature and Literary Theory, ed. Henry Gates [London and New York, Methuen, 1984])
  36. Willis, S. "Caliban as Poet: Reversing the Maps of Dependency." . Winter, 1982. (The de-abstracting nature of Caribbean poetry [Aime Cesaire and Nicolas Guillen])
  37. Willis, S. "A Literary Lesson in Historical Thinking." . Fall, 1980. (An analysis of Harriette Arnow's The Dollmaker)
  38. Willis, S. "The Aesthetics of the Rural Slum: Contradictions and Dependency in "The Bear"." . Spring, 1979, 82-103. (Reprinted in Faulkner, New Perspectives, ed. Richard H. Brodhead [Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1983])

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