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Publications of Wahneema H. Lubiano    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Essays, Articles, Chapters in Books

  1. Lubiano, W. "‘Stuart Hall’ (Wahneema Lubiano Comments, Stuart Hall Event, 17 March 2014)."  Informa UK Limited, January, 2015: 12-16. [doi]
  2. Lubiano, W. "Affect and rearticulating the racial "un-sayables"."  WILEY, August, 2013: 540-543. [pdf], [doi]
  3. Hardt, M; Lubiano, W. "Obama and the Left at Midterm: Introduction."  Duke University Press, December, 2011: 233-234. [doi]
  4. W. Lubiano with Jeremy Dean. ""Black Studies, Multiculturalism, and Airport Bookshops: An Interview with Wahneema Lubiano"."  University of Texas, Austin, Spring, 2008: 56-59.
  5. with Lubiano, AW. "Black Studies, Multiulturalism, and Airport Bookshops: An Interview with Wahneema Lubiano."  Spring, 2008: 56-59.
  6. Lubiano, W. ""Race, Class, and the Politics of Death" (revised & reprinted)." Capitalizing on Catastrophe: The Globalization of Disaster Assistance. Ed. Schuller, M; Gunewardena, N AltaMira Press, 2008.
  7. Wiegman, R; Lubiano, W; Hardt, M. "In the After Life of the Duke Case."  2007: 1-16.
  8. Lubiano, W; Chambram-Dernersesian, A. ""Interview with Wahneema Lubiano"." The Chicano Cultural Studies Forum: Critical and Ethnographic Retrospectives. Ed. Chambram-Dernersesian, A New York University Press, 2007.
  9. Lubiano, WH. "Transatlantic Dreaming: Slavery, Tourism and Diasporic Encounters."  Ed. Markowitz, F; Stefansson, A Lexington Books, 2004.
  10. Lubiano, W. "Constructing and reconstructing Afro-American texts: The critic as ambassador and referee."  Oxford University Press (OUP), June, 1989: 432-447. [doi]

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