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Research Interests for Amanda Starling Gould

Research Interests: Digital Metabolism, Digital Pedagogy, Ecocriticism, Digitial Media Theory and Practice, Environmental Justice, Networks, Digital Culture, Digital Technology & the Anthropocene

"Digital Metabolisms: Mapping a Digital Environmental Humanities through Materiality," plots the complex intersections of digital media and the environment, and questions the absence of environmental thinking from digital theory. The project draws out the tangible impacts that our networked digital technologies are registering on the earth to recognize them as critical sites for digital media study. What becomes clear is that the daily use of our weightless, wireless devices becomes ethically-charged with heavy issues of labor, pollution, human health, and environmental sustainability. By rejecting the easy premise of the digital network as purely computational, we see that contemporary digitality is profoundly environmental. Her current teaching and research work investigates digital materiality, the bio- and geo-physicalities of the digital network, digital environmental humanities, environmental justice, digital communication, network ecologies, augmented realities, information architectures, digital publication design, and digital humanities scholarship.

Digital Metabolism, Digital Pedagogy, Environmental Justice, Ecocriticism, Networks, Digital Culture, Digital Technology & the Anthropocene, Comparative Media, Contemporary Literature, Digital Humanities Theory & Practice, Digital Arts & Electronic Literatures, Critical Media Philosophies & Methods, Contemporary Literary Technologies
Current projects:
Digital Metabolism
Manifest Data
Network Ecologies
Areas of Interest:

Digital Metabolism
Digital Pedagogy
Environmental Justice
Digital Culture
Digital Technology & the Anthropocene
Comparative Media
Contemporary Literature
Digital Humanities Theory & Practice
Digital Arts & Electronic Literatures
Critical Media Philosophies & Methods
Contemporary Literary Technologies

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