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Graduate Student: Laubender Carolyn  

Laubender Carolyn
Office Location: 101 Friedl Building
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Carolyn Laubender is a feminist, queer, and psychoanalytic theorist. Her current project, Child's Play: Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Clinical Technique, interrogates the political status of the psychoanalytic clinic, specifically insofar as interwar and postwar child-analysis redefined key clinical techniques in accordance with political ideals. She is currently completing a PhD in the Program in Literature at Duke University (2017), where she is also earning certificates in Feminist Studies and College Teaching. She teaches courses on queer and feminist theory, criminal psychology, film, Modernist fiction, and the Gothic. She is pleased to be the 2016-17 Dissertation Fellow in Duke's Program in Women's Studies and the recipient of a Bass Instructional Fellowship (2017).

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  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2017

Recent Publications

  1. Laubender, C. "Gut Response: A Review of Elizabeth A. Wilson’s Gut Feminism." Journal of International Women’s Studies, Vol 17.1 (2016): 131-135  (June, 2016).

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