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Graduate Student: Corinne Blalock  

Corinne Blalock
Office Location: 1525 Fairfax Road, Apt. 201, Durham, NC 27701
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Corinne Blalock is a PhD candidate in Literature who works at the intersection of critical and legal theory. She received her JD magna cum laude from Duke Law in 2014. Her research interests include critical theory, political theory, critical legal studies, and property law. Her dissertation, The Privatization of Protection: The Free-Market Fourteenth Amendment, examines the consequences of importing private law models and market frameworks into public law. She has published work in Law & Contemporary Problems, the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy, and Polygraph: International Journal of Culture and Politics, and was awarded the Penny Pether Law & Language Scholarship Award for her article, “Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Legal Theory.”

Recent Publications

  1. Blalock, C. "Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Legal Theory." Law and Contemporary Problems 77.4 (2015): 71-103. [viewcontent.cgi]

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