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Graduate Student: Michael G. Swacha  

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Dissertation Title:

Research Areas: 20th century and contemporary Anglophone literature, transatlantic and hemispheric modernism, history of scientific and philosophical thought, history of literary criticism

Dissertation: "The Modernist Episteme: The Entanglement of Reason and Uncertainty in Western Thought, Institutional Practice, and Anglo-American Literature"

Recent Publications

  1. Swacha, M. "Comparing Structures of Knowledge." ACLA Report on the State of the Discipline 2014-2015  (June, 2015).
  2. Swacha, M. "Should We Justify the Humanities? A Round Table with David Damrosch, Lois Zamora, and Marianne Hirsch." Comparative Literature Studies 51.4 (2014): 587-602. [doi]

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