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Graduate Student: Rachel E Greenspan  

Rachel E Greenspan
Office Location: 915 N Mangum St Apt D, Durham, NC 27701
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Rachel Greenspan is a PhD candidate in Literature at Duke University, with a Certificate in Feminist Studies. Her dissertation, Dreaming Woman: Argentine Modernity and the Psychoanalytic Diaspora, investigates the transnational circulation of psychoanalytic theory and practice, particularly as it comes to inform conceptions of sexual difference. Her research interests include critical theory, transnational modernism, women’s studies, film and visual culture, intellectual history, and cultural studies. She is Managing Editor of the Journal of Middle East Women's Studies and is currently co-editing a special issue of Polygraph on the theme “Pleasure and Suspicion.” Her writing has been featured in The Comparatist and Polygraph, and is forthcoming in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

Recent Publications

  1. Greenspan, R, “I’ll Have What She’s Having”: Fake Orgasm, Affectation, and Other S(t)imulations. The Comparatist 39:1 (2015): 116-134. [doi]

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