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Graduate Student: Jake Soule  

Jake Soule
Email Address:

Dissertation Title:

Jacob Soule’s dissertation, The Urbanization of Contemporary Fiction, or, City Novels After the City, examines the mutation of the form of the city novel from its canonical iterations in realist and modernist narrative, to its current deployment in the contemporary period by writers such as Tom McCarthy, Lauren Beukes, Colson Whitehead, and Chang-rae Lee. Where previous definitions of the city novel assume the “urban” and the “city” to be synonyms for one another, this dissertation argues that the city novel in its current iteration takes readers beyond the spatial container of the city, showing how processes of urbanization scatter oppositions (between country and city, urban and rural, natural and cultural) that have been central to figuring the relationship between literary and social space.


  • M.Phil., University of Cambridge, 2012
  • BA, University of York, 2011

Research Interests:  

My teaching and research interests include post-1945 Anglophone fiction, cultural studies, marxism, affect theory, and contemporary urbanism.

Recent Publications

  1. Soule, J; Issacharoff, J; Gonzalez, J. "Introduction, Polygraph 27: Neoliberalism and Social Reproduction." Polygraph: an International Journal of Culture and Politics .27 (February, 2019): 7-17.

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