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Publications of Stanley Abe    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Abe, S, A Freer Stela Reconsidered (2002), Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Occasional Paper
  2. Abe, S, Ordinary Images (2002), University of Chicago Press

Articles Published

  1. Abe, S, Before Sculpture, in Towards the Future: Museums and Art History in East Asia, edited by Suzuki, H; Akiyama, A (2020), pp. 50-56, Japanese Committee for CIHA, Comité International de l’Histoire de l’Art and Otsuka Museum of Art
  2. Abe, S; Elsner, J, Introduction: Some Stakes of Comparativism, in Comparativism in Art History, edited by Elsner, J (2017), pp. 1-15, Routledge, ISBN 1351571397  [abs]
  3. Abe, S, Sculpture: A Comparative History, in Comparativism in Art History, edited by Elsner, J (2017), pp. 94-108, Routledge, ISBN 1351571397  [abs]
  4. The Modern Moment of Chinese Sculpture, Misul Charyo 美術資料 (Fine Art Materials), vol. 82 (December, 2012), pp. 63-82  [author's comments]
  5. Abe, S, General Munthe’s Sculpture Collection, in Gifts, edited by Haakestad, J (2012), pp. 42-47, Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum, Bergen
  6. Abe, S, Locating World Art, in The Migrant’s Time: Rethinking Art History and Diaspora, edited by Mathur, S (2011), pp. 130-45, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
  7. Abe, S, Rockefeller Home Decorating and Objects from China, in Collecting China: The World, China, and a Short History of Collecting, edited by Rujivacharakul, V (2011), pp. 107–23-107–23, University of Delaware Press
  8. Abe, S, The Modern Moment of Chinese Sculpture, in Exhibiting Asian Art: Issues and Perspectives (2011), pp. 27–45-27–45, National Museum of Korea; Friends of National Museum of Korea
  9. Abe, S, Collecting Chinese Sculpture: Paris, New York, Boston, in Journeys East: Isabella Stewart Gardner and Asia, edited by Chong, A; Murai, N (2009), pp. 432-442, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  10. Abe, S, From Stone to Sculpture: The Alchemy of the Modern, in Treasures Rediscovered: Chinese Stone Sculpture from the Sackler Collections at Columbia University (2008), pp. 7–16-7–16, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University
  11. China, The Buddha, and Modern Aestheticism, in Re-Imagining Asia: A Thousand Years of Separation, edited by Merali, S (2008), pp. 124-133, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
  12. Abe, S, Xu Bing de zhenshi de yishu 徐冰的真实的艺术 (The Genuine Art of Xu Bing), in Xu Bing – Yancao jihua 徐冰 – 烟草计划 (Xu Bing: Tobacco Project), edited by 巫鸿, WH (2006), pp. 106–114-106–114, Beijing: Zhongguo Renmin daxue chubanshe
  13. Abe, S, To Avoid the Inscrutable: Abstract Expressionism and the "Oriental Mode", in Discrepant Abstraction, edited by Mercer, K (2006), pp. 52-73, M I T PRESS
  14. Abe, S, Why Asia Now? Contemporary Asian Art and the Politics of Multiculturalism, in Shades of Black: Assembling the 80s, A transatlantic dialogue on Afro-Asian arts in post-war Britain, edited by Bailey, DA; Baucom, I; Boyce, S (2005), pp. 109-114, Duke University Press
  15. Abe, S, No Questions, No Answers: China and A Book from the Sky, in Modern Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies in the Age of Theory: Reimagining a Field, edited by Chow, R (2000), pp. 227–50-227–50, Durham, NC. Duke University Press
  16. Abe, S, Reading the Sky, in Cross-Cultural Readings of Chineseness, edited by Yeh, W-H (2000), pp. 53–79-53–79, Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California
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  18. Abe, S, Nanbokucho no dokyo to zokei (Daoist sculpture of the Northern-Southern Dynasties period), in Sekai bijutsu daizenshu, Toyo hen (New History of World Art: Asia), vol. 3 (2000), pp. 362–68-362–68, Tokyo: Shogakkan (translated into Japanese by Seriu Haruna.)
  19. Abe, S, Bei Liang shita yu Mogao ku zaoqi san ku de niandai wenti (Northern Liang stone pillars and the dating of the earliest Mogao caves, in Dunhuang xue guoji yantaohui wenji , Shiku kaogu juan (Collected works of the 1994 International Conference on Dunhuang studies, Cave temple archaeology volume), edited by academy, DYDR (2000), pp. 159–65-159–65, Lanzhou: Gansu minzu chubanshe ((translated into Chinese by Tai Jianqun).)
  20. Abe, S, Chugoku o miseru (Exhibiting China), in The Present, and the Discipline of Art History in Japan, edited by Properties, TNRIOC (1999), pp. 192–206-192–206, Tokyo: Heibonsha ((translated into Japanese by Okada Ken).)
  21. Abe, S, Inside the Wonder House: Buddhist Art and the West, in Curators of the Buddha, edited by Lopez, D (1995), University of Chicago,

Book Reviews

  1. Abe, SK, Absence and the image, Archives of Asian Art, vol. 62 no. 1 (December, 2012), pp. 102-103, Duke University Press, ISSN 0066-6637 [doi]
  2. Abe, SK, Pulitzer foundation workshop, Archives of Asian Art, vol. 62 no. 1 (December, 2012), pp. 81, Duke University Press, ISSN 0066-6637 [doi]
  3. Abe, S, Review of Ning Qiang, Art, Religion, and Politics in Medieval China: The Dunhuang Cave of the Zhai Family, Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 64 no. 2 (2005), pp. 454-56
  4. Abe, S, Review of Marsha Weidner, ed., Cultural Intersections in Late Imperial Chinese Buddhism, Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 61 no. 2 (May, 2002), pp. 715-16
  5. Abe, S, Review essay of Lukas Nickel, ed., Return of the Buddha: The Qingzhou Discoveries, Aribus Asiae, vol. 62 no. 2 (2002), pp. 293–99-293–99
  6. Abe, SK, Provenance, patronage, and desire: Northern Wei sculpture from Shaanxi province, Ars Orientalis, vol. 31 (December, 2001), pp. 1-30  [abs]
  7. Abe, S, Review of Stephen Little with Shawn Eichman, Taoism and the Arts of China, Journal of Chinese Religions, vol. 29 (2001), pp. 332-34
  8. Stanley Abe,, Tobacco Art: Xu Bing's Tobacco Project, Duke University Libraries, vol. 14 no. 1 (Fall, 2000), pp. 3-7

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