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Research Interests for Anthony M. Kelley

Research Interests: Post-19th Century Composition, African-American Music Making, Performance, New Blues, and Improvisation, Film Music, Documentary Film/Video/Music

B.A. and A.M., Duke University, 1991. Ph.D., UC Berkeley. Anthony Kelley joined the Duke University music faculty in 2000 after serving as Composer-in-Residence with the Richmond Symphony for three years under a grant from Meet the Composer. He received his B.A. and A.M. from Duke University in 1991. In 1999, Richmond Symphony premiered his piano concerto, "Africamerica," with soloist Donal Fox. In 1998, The American Composers Orchestra gave the premier performance of a commissioned work, "The Breaks," under the direction of Gerard Schwartz. The Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, North Carolina, Oakland East Bay, Marin (CA) and San Antonio symphony orchestras have also performed Kelley’s music. Among his awards and honors are the Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Institute and Academy of Arts and Letters, and composition fellowships from the North Carolina Arts Council, the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. His recent work, such as his soundtracks to the H. Lee Waters/Tom Whiteside film "Conjuring Bearden" [2006] and Dante James's film, "The Doll" [2007], explores music as linked with other media, arts, and sociological phenomena. He is a performer in and co-director of the improvisational Postmodern New-Blues musical collective called the BLAK Ensemble.

Music, New_Blues, Blues, Theory, African-American, Improvisation, Orchestral, Composition, Sampling, Borrowing, Documentary Film/Video/Music
Current projects:
Improvisation and Performance in revised "Africamerica" Piano Concerto
Recording and Performance of New Blues with BLAK Ensemble
Recording Release of "Grist for the Mill", by Mallarme Chamber Players
Documentary on THE ALFALFA CLUB
Areas of Interest:

African-American music making
New Blues
Documentary Film

Recent Publications   (search)
  1. A.M. Kelley, Soundtrack to "Kudzu Vine" [Documentary] (May, 2011) [26640630[abs]
  2. A.M. Kelley, "Kudzu Vine Suite" (2011) [abs]
  3. A.M. Kelley, "Grist for the Mill" (2010) [id380000131[abs]
  4. A.M. Kelley, Nicholas Lewis, Reginald Patterson, David Garner, Contra-Funkti, 1-6 (2009) [abs]
  5. A.M. Kelley, Incidental Music to the stage production, SPRING AWAKENING (Spring, 2008) [abs]

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