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Research Interests for Bryan Gilliam

Research Interests: German Opera, Vienna, Wagner, Strauss, Film Music, and 19th & 20th Century

Ph.D., Harvard University. Author of books and articles on late 19th-and early 20th-century German music. Specialties include Richard Strauss, Anton Bruckner, Kurt Weill, Erich Korngold German opera, fin-de-siècle Vienna, film music, German musical aesthetics.

Recent Publications
  1. B. Gilliam, The Great War and Its Aftermath: Strauss's and Hofmannsthal's Third-Way Modernism, in Modernism and Opera, edited by Richard Begam and Matthew Wilson Smith (2016), pp. In production, Johns Hopkins University Press
  2. Gilliam, B, Zoë Alexis Lang. The Legacy of Johann Strauss: Political Influence and Twentieth-Century Identity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. Pp. 248., Austrian History Yearbook, vol. 46 (April, 2015), pp. 434-436, Cambridge University Press (CUP), ISSN 0067-2378 [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  3. Gilliam, B, Rounding Wagner's mountain: Richard Strauss and modern German opera (Spring, 2014), pp. 1-340, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9780521456593 [doi[abs]
  4. B. Gilliam, Richard Strauss und das Problem der Ehe (2014) (Leipzig Gewandhaus Conference on Richard Strauss.)
  5. B. Gilliam, Zur Strauss Rezeption in Amerika nach 1945 (2014) [abs]

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