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Research Interests for John V. Brown

Research Interests:

My areas of research are jazz and classical music; I focus on the music of the Bebop and Hard Bop eras of jazz and all aspects of performance. I also have interests in children's music and projects collaborating with other musicians.

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Current projects:
children and jazz
collaborative jazz ensembles
double bass method book
book on jazz artists
Recent Publications
  1. John V. Brown, John Brown featuring Ray Codrington - Songs I Love (2010) [abs]
  2. John V. Brown, Setting Standards (2010) [abs]
  3. Nnenna Freelon, untitled (2009) [abs]
  4. Will Campbell, Think Tank (2009) [abs]
  5. John V. Brown, Jazz-N-Brass for Christmas (2009) (This recording features the John Brown Jazz Orchestra and the Carolina Brass recorded live at Meyandi Concert Hall to be released on Summit Records in the Fall of 2010..)

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