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Publications of Paul Berliner    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Berliner, PF. Thinking In Jazz: The Infinite Art of Improvisation.  THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS, 1994 .
  2. Berliner, PF. The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe.  THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS, 1993 . (Reprinted paperback edition)
  3. Berliner, PF. The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe.  University of California Press, 1981 . (Revised for paperback with additional chapter on building and learning to play the karimba)
  4. Berliner, PF. The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe.  THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS, 1978 . (Hardbound Edition)


  1. Berliner, PF. "“Art Farmer on Jazz Learning and Improvisation”." Jazzforschung / Jazz Research Volume 39 (December, 2007).
  2. Berliner, PF. "Afropop Worldwide Interview [Improvisation in Jazz and Zimbabwean Music]."   (2007). [Ethnomusicologist]
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  5. Berliner, PF. "Crips, Licks and Jamming: The Implications of Traditional Jazz Learning for the University." Fanfare Magazine  (Spring, 1982): 6-10.
  6. Berliner, PF. "The Artistry of John Kunaka, Master Mbira Maker." African Arts 14.1 (November, 1980): 61-67. Translated into Japanese and Czech on websites []
  7. Berliner, PF. "Political Sentiment in Shona Song and Oral Literature." Essays in Arts and Science 6.3 (March, 1977): 1-29.
  8. Berliner, PF. "The Poetic Song Texts Accompanying The Mbira Dza Vadzimu." Ethnomusicology 20.3 (September, 1976): 451-481.
  9. Berliner, PF. "Vocal Styles Accompanying the Mbira Dza Vadzimu." Zambezia  (Spring, 1975): 103-104.
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  11. Berliner, PF. "Soda Bottles, Whale Bones, Sitars and Shells--A World Music Perspective." Music Educators Journal 59.7 (March, 1973): 50-52, 105-106, 109.

Articles in Books

  1. Berliner, PF. "photograph of mbira performance techique." appears in Christine Lucia’s book, Music notation: A South African Guide Unisa Press 2010.
  2. Berliner, PF. "Grasping Shona Artworks: A Case Study of Zimbabwean Mbira Music." Art from Start to Finish: Jazz, Painting, Writing and Other Improvisations. Edited by Becker, H; Faulkner, R; Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, B. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS 2006: 126-134.
  3. Berliner, PF. "Las Vicisitudes del Solista/Les Viciissittudes du Doliste." Doce/Notas Preliminares, Special Issue: "Improvisación crear en el momento/ L'improvisation, créer au moment même vol. 10 2002: 91-108. Anthologized chapter
  4. Berliner, PF. "Thinking in Jazz: Improvisation as Composition." Challenges in Norwegian Jazz Research Trondheim, Norway: Institututt for Musikk, NTNU 2002: 65-73. Anthologized chapter
  5. Berliner, PF. "The Collective Aspects of Jazz Improvisation." Creativity in Performance. Edited by Sawyer, K., Ablex Creativity Research series, Robert Albert, general editor 1996.
  6. Berliner, PF. "The Relationship Between the Mbira and the Mbira Player." Art in Small Scale Societies: Contemporary Readings. Edited by Field, KL; Anderson, RL. New Jersey: Prentice Hall 1993. Anthologized chapter from "The Soul of Mbira," with author’s retrospective comments


  1. Berliner, PF. Playing it forward. January, 2007 . (Interview by Jacob Dagger) [html]
  2. Berliner, PF. The Heart that Remembers: A Tale of Zimbabwe’s Musicians in a Time of War. 2007 . (in progress)
  3. Berliner, PF. Victory and Sorrow: The Life and Music of Jazz Prodigy Booker T. Little. 2007 . (in progress)
  4. Berliner, PF. The Art of Mbira: A Biography of Musical Knowledge Featuring the Repertory and Artistic Practices of Mbira Master Cosmas Magaya. 2007 . (in progress)
  5. Berliner, PF. Sound the trumpet. 2005 . [ht]  [author's comments]
  6. Berliner, P. Zimbabwe: In time and tines. May, 2004 . (A visiting scholar at Duke discovers the mbira and the people who embody its spirit. BY ROBERT ZIMMERMAN) [Content]
  7. Berliner, PF. Music and Civil War in Zimbabwe. 2003 . [html]  [author's comments]
  8. Berliner, PF. Zimbabwe: The Soul of Mbira and Zimbabwe: Shona Mbira Music.  Berliner ethnographic recordings re-released as CDs for worldwide distribution2002 .
  9.  White doctor, black music: what Goldberg’s mbira taught me - reflection on racism and African culture. June, 1994 . (Article stimulated by early Berliner performance for ZPF in Boston, Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba) [ai_15405370]
  10. Berliner, PF. Earth: Voices of A Planet (The Paul Winter Consort).  Living Music LD0019, 1989 . (The album was nominated for a NARAS Grammy Award)
  11. Berliner, PF. Claudia Schmidt.  Flying Fish Records FF 066, 1979 .
  12. Berliner, PF; KUDU,. The Sun Rises Late Here.  Flying Fish Records FF092, 1979 . (The album was nominated for a NARAS Grammy Award)
  13. Berliner, PF. Common Ground (The Paul Winter Consort).  A & M Records SP 4698, 1978 .
  14. Berliner, PF. Shona Mbira Music.  Nonesuch Records World Explorer Series H-720771977 .
  15. Berliner, PF. The Soul of Mbira.  Nonesuch Records World Explorer Series H-720541973 . (The album was nominated for a NARAS Grammy Award (special issue released as a CD in Japan, 1994))

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