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Publications of Paul Berliner    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. PF Berliner. Thinking In Jazz: The Infinite Art of Improvisation.  The University of Chicago Press, 1994 .
  2. PF Berliner. The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe.  The University of Chicago Press, 1993 . (Reprinted paperback edition)
  3. PF Berliner. The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe.  University of California Press, 1981 . (Revised for paperback with additional chapter on building and learning to play the karimba)
  4. PF Berliner. The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe.  The University of Chicago Press, 1978 . (Hardbound Edition)

Book Manuscripts

  1. PF Berliner. The Heart that Remembers: A Tale of Zimbabwe’s Musicians in a Time of War. 2007 . (in progress)
  2. PF Berliner. Victory and Sorrow: The Life and Music of Jazz Prodigy Booker T. Little. 2007 . (in progress)
  3. PF Berliner. The Art of Mbira: A Biography of Musical Knowledge Featuring the Repertory and Artistic Practices of Mbira Master Cosmas Magaya. 2007 . (in progress)


  1. PF Berliner. "“Art Farmer on Jazz Learning and Improvisation”." Jazzforschung / Jazz Research Volume 39 (December, 2007).
  2. PF Berliner. "Composing in the moment." Jazz Educators Journal 26.4 (1994): 28-36.
  3. PF Berliner. "Thinking in Jazz." Jazz Changes 1.2 (1994): 16-27.
  4. PF Berliner. "Crips, Licks and Jamming: The Implications of Traditional Jazz Learning for the University." Fanfare Magazine  (Spring, 1982): 6-10.
  5. PF Berliner. "The Artistry of John Kunaka, Master Mbira Maker." African Arts 14.1 (November, 1980): 61-67. Translated into Japanese and Czech on websites []
  6. PF Berliner. "Political Sentiment in Shona Song and Oral Literature." Essays in Arts and Science 6.3 (March, 1977): 1-29.
  7. PF Berliner. "The Poetic Song Texts Accompanying The Mbira Dza Vadzimu." Ethnomusicology 20.3 (September, 1976): 451-481.
  8. PF Berliner. "Vocal Styles Accompanying the Mbira Dza Vadzimu." Zambezia  (Spring, 1975): 103-104.
  9. PF Berliner. "Music and Spirit Possession At a Shona Bira." African Music 5.4 (1975): 130-139.
  10. PF Berliner. "Soda Bottles, Whale Bones, Sitars and Shells--A World Music Perspective." Music Educators Journal 59.7 (March, 1973): 50-52, 105-106, 109.

Articles in Books

  1. PF Berliner. "Grasping Shona Artworks: A Case Study of Zimbabwean Mbira Music." Art from Start to Finish: Jazz, Painting, Writing and Other Improvisations. Edited by H Becker and R Faulkner and B Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. The University of Chicago Press 2006: 126-134.
  2. PF Berliner. "Las Vicisitudes del Solista/Les Viciissittudes du Doliste." Doce/Notas Preliminares, Special Issue: "Improvisación crear en el momento/ L'improvisation, créer au moment même vol. 10 2002: 91-108. Anthologized chapter
  3. PF Berliner. "Thinking in Jazz: Improvisation as Composition." Challenges in Norwegian Jazz Research Trondheim, Norway: Institututt for Musikk, NTNU 2002: 65-73. Anthologized chapter
  4. PF Berliner. "The Collective Aspects of Jazz Improvisation." Creativity in Performance. Edited by K Sawyer., Ablex Creativity Research series, Robert Albert, general editor 1996.
  5. PF Berliner. "The Relationship Between the Mbira and the Mbira Player." Art in Small Scale Societies: Contemporary Readings. Edited by KL Field and RL Anderson. New Jersey: Prentice Hall 1993. Anthologized chapter from "The Soul of Mbira," with author’s retrospective comments


  1. PF Berliner, Afropop Worldwide Interview [Improvisation in Jazz and Zimbabwean Music]. manual  (2007). [Ethnomusicologist]


  1. PF Berliner. Zimbabwe: The Soul of Mbira and Zimbabwe: Shona Mbira Music.  Berliner ethnographic recordings re-released as CDs for worldwide distribution2002 .
  2. PF Berliner. Earth: Voices of A Planet (The Paul Winter Consort).  Living Music LD0019, 1989 . (The album was nominated for a NARAS Grammy Award)
  3. PF Berliner. Claudia Schmidt.  Flying Fish Records FF 066, 1979 .
  4. PF Berliner and KUDU. The Sun Rises Late Here.  Flying Fish Records FF092, 1979 . (The album was nominated for a NARAS Grammy Award)
  5. PF Berliner. Common Ground (The Paul Winter Consort).  A & M Records SP 4698, 1978 .
  6. PF Berliner. Shona Mbira Music.  Nonesuch Records World Explorer Series H-720771977 .
  7. PF Berliner. The Soul of Mbira.  Nonesuch Records World Explorer Series H-720541973 . (The album was nominated for a NARAS Grammy Award (special issue released as a CD in Japan, 1994))


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