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Research Interests for Paul Berliner

Research Interests: Improvisation, oral tradition, creativity and music learning processes

Areas of Interest:


Recent Publications
  1. PF Berliner, photograph of mbira performance techique, in appears in Christine Lucia’s book, Music notation: A South African Guide (March, 2014), Unisa Press, Pretoria, South Africa
  2. PF Berliner, The Relationship Between the Mbira and the Mbira Player, in Art in Small Scale Societies: Contemporary Readings, edited by KL Field and RL Anderson (1993), New Jersey: Prentice Hall (Anthologized chapter from "The Soul of Mbira," with author’s retrospective comments.)
  3. PF Berliner, The Collective Aspects of Jazz Improvisation, in Creativity in Performance, Ablex Creativity Research series, Robert Albert, general editor, edited by K Sawyer (1996)
  4. PF Berliner, Las Vicisitudes del Solista/Les Viciissittudes du Doliste, in Doce/Notas Preliminares, Special Issue: "Improvisación crear en el momento/ L'improvisation, créer au moment même, vol. 10 (2002), pp. 91-108 (Anthologized chapter.)
  5. PF Berliner, Thinking in Jazz: Improvisation as Composition, in Challenges in Norwegian Jazz Research (2002), pp. 65-73, Trondheim, Norway: Institututt for Musikk, NTNU (Anthologized chapter.)

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