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Research Interests for Paul Berliner

Research Interests: Improvisation, oral tradition, creativity and music learning processes

Areas of Interest:


Recent Publications
  1. P.F. Berliner, photograph of mbira performance techique, in appears in Christine Lucia's book, Music notation: A South African Guide (2010), Unisa Press, Pretoria, South Africa
  2. P.F. Berliner, “Art Farmer on Jazz Learning and Improvisation”, Jazzforschung / Jazz Research, vol. Volume 39 (December, 2007), Graz: Austria
  3. P.F. Berliner, Playing it forward, Duke Magazine (January/February, 2007) (Interview by Jacob Dagger.) [html]
  4. P.F. Berliner, Afropop Worldwide Interview [Improvisation in Jazz and Zimbabwean Music] (2007) [Paul%20Berliner%20considers%20improvisers%20in%20jazz%20and%20Zimbabwean%20mbira%20music]
  5. P.F. Berliner, The Art of Mbira: A Biography of Musical Knowledge Featuring the Repertory and Artistic Practices of Mbira Master Cosmas Magaya, vol. I-V (2007) (in progress.)

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