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Research Interests for Philip Rupprecht

Research Interests: analysis of 20th-century art music; British music; the avant-garde

Philip Rupprecht specializes in music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His recent writings engage concepts of narrative in opera, the circulation of stereotypes in the formation of national traditions in music, and agency effects in instrumental music. He is the author of "British Musical Modernism: the Manchester Group and their Contemporaries" (Cambridge, 2015) and "Britten's Musical Language" (Cambridge, 2002). He co-edited "Tonality 1900-1950" (2012); and edited "Rethinking Britten" (2013).

Recent Publications
  1. Rupprecht, P, Scenes from Britten's 'Spring Symphony', in Literary Britten, edited by Kennedy, K (2018), Boydell
  2. Rupprecht, P, Images in Sound: Movement, Harmony and Colour in the Early Music, in The Music of Simon Holt, edited by Charlton, D (June, 2017), Boydell
  3. Rupprecht, P, Tonality Rediscovered: Oliver Knussen and the Musical ‘Object’ in the 1970s., in Tonality Since 1950, edited by Woerner, F; Scheideler, U; Rupprecht, P (February, 2017), pp. 209--231, Franz Steiner Verlag
  4. Rupprecht, P, Quickenings of the Heart: Notes on Rhythm and Tempo in Britten’s Music, in Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on an Inexplicit Art, edited by Stroeher, V; Vickers, J (2017), pp. 317-345, Boydell Press, ISBN 978-1783271955
  5. Tonality Since 1950, edited by Woerner, F; Scheideler, U; Rupprecht, P (2017), Franz Steiner Verlag

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