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Research Interests for Randall M. Love

Research Interests: Piano, fortepiano and music for modern dance

historical performance practice on original instruments(fortepiano), nineteenth and twentieth century piano music, musical collaboration with modern dance

Areas of Interest:

music for modern dance

Recent Publications
  1. Ananda Dances-released on MSR Classics, features works by Bill Robinson performed by Duke violinist Eric Pritchard. I accompany him on "Ananda Dances" and "Govinda Sonata" (2010)
  2. Tombeau de Debussy-released on the Centaur label, this CD features compositions written for Debussy "in memoriam" by various of his contemporaries including Satie, Stravinsky, Bartok, Dukas, Ravel and others. It is coupled with recordings of Debussy's own work (Images II, L'Isle Joyeuse, Masques) (2010)
  3. White Man Sleeps (2003), Arabesque label, classical download (work for two harpsichords and percussion by Kevin Volans.) [author's comments]
  4. Fortepiano Music of Jan Vorísek, A Bohemian Composer in Beethoven's Vienna (1996), Titanic (Ti-234) (impromptus, rhapsodies, a fantasie, and an eclogue on an 1815 Streicher copy by Thomas and Barbara Wolf..)

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