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Research Interests for Rodney Wynkoop

Research Interests: Choral Conducting

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Recent Publications
  1. Duke Chapel Choir, With Cheerful Voice (2007)
  2. Duke Chorale, Sing Joyfully! (2006) (repertoire from 2002-2005.)
  3. Duke Chapel Choir, Rutter Requiem and Vierne Messe Solennelle (January, 2003) (live performance with orchestra and two organs.)
  4. Vocal Arts Ensemble, My Spirit Sang All Day (2004), CD on Arsis label (E.C. Schirmer; various 20-21c acappella choral works.)
  5. Duke Chapel Choir and orchestra, 10th Anniversary Concert, Oct. 30, 1999, CD of live performance (2000)

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