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Research Interests for Robert Parkins

Research Interests: Early Iberian Keyboard Music, German Romantic Organs

harpsichord, Harpsichord, Music theory, organ (musical instrument), Organ (musical Instrument)
Representative Publications
  1. R. Parkins, Organ Music of Frescobaldi (2003), Calcante CD038
  2. R. Parkins, Spain and Portugal, in Keyboard Music Before 1700, second edition, edited by Alexander Silbiger (2003), Routledge (revised and updated.)
  3. R. Parkins, Iberian and South German Organ Music (2001), Calcante CD036
  4. Parkins, R, Rediscovering the German Romantic Organ, The Diapason (Spring, 1989), pp. 14-17, 14-15, 12-13
  5. R. Parkins, German Romantic Organ Music (1998), Gothic G49096
  6. Parkins, R, Cabezón to Cabanilles: Ornamentation in Spanish Keyboard Music, The Organ Yearbook, vol. XI (1980), pp. 5-16
  7. R. Parkins, Brahms: Complete Organ Works (1994), Naxos 8.550824
  8. Parkins, R, Keyboard Fingering in Early Spanish Sources, Early Music, vol. XI no. 3 (July, 1983), pp. 323-331
  9. R. Parkins, Early Iberian Organ Music (1993), Naxos 8.550705
  10. R. Parkins and R. Larry Todd, Mendelssohn’s Fugue in F Minor: A Discarded Movement of the First Organ Sonata, The Organ Yearbook, vol. XIV (1983), pp. 61-77
  11. Parkins, R, Mendelssohn and the Erard Piano, The Piano Quarterly no. 125 (Spring, 1984), pp. 53-58
  12. R. Parkins, Early Spanish Keyboard Music (1983), Musical Heritage Society MHS 4724L (LP: harpsichord.)
  13. Parkins, R, Spain and Portugal, in Keyboard Music Before 1700, edited by Silbiger, A (1995), Schirmer
  14. R. Parkins, Mendelssohn, Brahms and 17th Century Spain (1982), Gothic 68109 (LP: organ.)
  15. R. Parkins, Vierne: Messe solennelle (for choir and two organs) (2003), Arsis CD133
  16. R. Parkins, "Entrada" (Anon.) on "An Introduction to Early Music'" (n.d.), Naxos 8.551203

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