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Research Interests for Scott A. Lindroth

Research Interests:

I compose instrumental and vocal music as well as work with electronic media. My most recent compositions Alarm Calls for wind ensemble, String Quintet, and Twitter Music for two percussion and electronics.

Current projects:
Work for Chamber Orchestra commissioned by a consortium of eight schools of music
Work for the Meehans/Perkins Percussion Duo
Areas of Interest:

Music Composition
Interactive digital music

Recent Publications
  1. S.A. Lindroth, Alarm Calls (2013) [abs]
  2. S.A. Lindroth, String Quintet (2013) [abs]
  3. with Todd Berreth (visual media), soundSpace (2/2013 - present) [abs]
  4. Lindroth, SA, Teaching Composition: Artistic Growth Through Confrontation, Tact, Sympathy, and Honest, edited by Applebaum, M, Contemporary Music Review, vol. 31 no. 4 (2012), pp. 297-304, Taylor & Francis (Routledge) [doi[abs]
  5. S.A. Lindroth, Passage (2011) [author's comments]

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