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Research Interests for Stephen Jaffe

Research Interests: Composition

My recent collaborations have been with the National Symphony Orchestra, The North Carolina Symphony, and the Kennedy Center Chamber Players, and have included orchestral works (Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Poetry of the Piedmont, and Cut Time) as well as chamber music (String Quartet No. 2 ("Sylvan and Aeolian Figures"). Fortunately, I am also able to pursue recording of my music, and to collaborate with other musicians on recording projects. This is ongoing, in particular with the third volume of recordings for Bridge, Inc. issued in May 2008. The recording involved collaboration with the 21st Century Consort (an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution), the North Carolina Symphony, and and the Odense Symphony Orchestra of Denmark. I see my life as a composer involving creation; collaboration, and advocacy for the art of music (including education, curation, and engagement with musical institutions).

Bridge Records, composers, Composers, Theodore Presser Company
Areas of Interest:

New Music Performance

Representative Publications
  1. Stephen Jaffe, HIP Concerto (Chamber Concerto No. 3) (2014) [available here[author's comments]
  2. Stephen Jaffe, Volume III. Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Poetry of the Piedmont, Homage to the Breath, and Cut Time, vol. 3 no. 9255 (2008), Bridge Records [abs]
  3. Stephen Jaffe, DESIGNS II (2012) [abs] [author's comments]
  4. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra and Chamber Concerto ("Singing Figures"), vol. II (2004), Bridge Records, Inc. 9141 [abs]
  5. First Quartet for string quartet, Ciompi Quartet, American Music for String Quartet (1993), Albany Records, Troy CD 073
  6. Stephen Jaffe, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (2004) [available here[abs]
  7. The Rhythm Of The Running Plough, Double Sonata, and Four Songs With Ensemble, Bridge CD BCD 9047. Speculum Musicae, D’Anna Fortunato, Anton Nel, Barry Snyder, Prism Orchestra (1994), The Music of Stephen Jaffe, vol. I (1994), Bridge Records, Inc. (Bridge 9047.)
  8. Stephen Jaffe, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (2000) [available here[abs]
  9. Spinoff for guitar, on Newdance: 18 Dances for Guitar Bridge 9084. David Starobin, guitar (1998) Grammy Award Nomination, 1999 , Bridge Records, Inc. 9084
  10. Stephen Jaffe, Homage to the Breath (2001) [available here[abs]
  11. Three Figures and A Ground, Patricia Spencer, flute, Linda Hall, piano, The Now and Present Flute (1994), Neuma 450-88.
  12. Stephen Jaffe, Cíthera mea (Evocations): Spanish Music Notebook for Orchestra (Fall, 2008)
  13. Fort Juniper Songs for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano, on To Sun, To Feast & To Converse Albany CD (Troy 172). Terry Rhodes, soprano, Ellen Williams, mezzo-soprano, Stephen Jaffe, piano (1995) (1995)
  14. Stephen Jaffe, Light Dances (Chamber Concerto No. 2) (2009), Merion Music, Inc. (Theodore Presser Co.) [watch[abs] [author's comments]
  15. Designs and Three Figures and A Ground (2006), AUR (Arizona University Recordings) AUR CD 3123 (Christine Gustafson, flute, Christopher Deane, percussion and William Anderson, guitar.)
  16. Stephen Jaffe, Quattro Mani: Kindred Spirits, vol. 9260 (2008), Bridge [abs]
  17. Stephen Jaffe, SONATA (in Four Parts) for cello and piano, 144-40545 - piano score and part (Spring, 2008), Merion Music, Inc. (Theodore Presser Co.) [index.cfm[author's comments]
  18. Centering, for two violins, Linda Quan, Curtis Macomber, violins. C.R.I. 513 (1983) [album.jsp]
  19. Impromptu for piano, on Strange Attractors: New American Music for Piano, Albany CD (Troy 231). Patricia Goodson, piano (1997) (1997)

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