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Ka Man Misty Choi, Musicology

Ka Man Misty Choi


MPhil Historical Musicology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MA Music The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA, MPhil Linguistics, The City University of Hong Kong

Professional qualifications

Licentiate diploma in Music Theory (LMusTCL), Trinity College of London
Member of Chartered Institute of Linguistis (MCIL), UK

Contact Info:
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Recent Publications

  1. Choi, KMM, Textual Permutation in Mauricio Kagel's Anagrama (1957-1958): New Modes of Serial Thought, edited by Hocevar, KB; Pompe, G; Sukljan, N, From Modernism to Postmodernism: Between Universal and Local (2016), pp. 153-164, Peter Lang  [abs]

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