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Aaron J Ancell, Graduate Assistant    editAaron J Ancell

My areas of speciality are political philosophy and ethics. My dissertation advances a framework for thinking about political disagreements that is informed by social epistemology and psychology. In doing so, I wrestle with questions about ideal theory, feasibility, and realism in political philosophy.

You can learn more about me at:

Office Location: 500 Park Avenue Apt 118, Baltimore, MD 21201
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:

Political Philosophy

Recent Publications
  • Ancell, A. "DEMOCRACY ISN'T THAT SMART (BUT WE CAN MAKE IT SMARTER): ON LANDEMORE'S DEMOCRATIC REASON." Episteme 14.02 (June, Accepted, 2017): 161-175. [doi]
  • Ancell, A; Steenbergen, G; Flanagan, O; Martin, S. "Empiricism and normative ethics: What do the biology and the psychology of morality have to do with ethics?." Behaviour 151.2-3 (January, 2014): 209-228. (Special Issue on Evolved Morality: The Biology and Philosophy of the Human Conscience) [doi]

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