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Alexander Rosenberg, R. Taylor Cole Professor of Philosophy    editAlexander Rosenberg

Office Location: 203 West Duke Building
Office Phone: +1 919-660-3047, +1 919-660-3050
Fax:  (919) 660-3060
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:

PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, 1971
BA, City College of New York, 1967

Philosophy of Biology
Philosophy of Social Science
Philosophy of Science

Research Interests:
Alex Rosenberg (Ph.D. 1971, Johns Hopkins) joined the Duke faculty in 2000. He is the R. Taylor Cole Professor of Philosophy (with secondary appointments in the biology and political science departments). Rosenberg has been a visiting professor and fellow of the at the Center for the Philosophy of Science, University of Minnesota, as well as the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Oxford University and a visiting fellow of the Philosophy Department at the Research School of Social Science, of the Australian National University. He has held fellowships from the National Science Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. In 1993 Rosenberg received the Lakatos Award in the philosophy of science. In 2006-2007 he held a fellowship at the National Humanities Center. He was also the Phi Beta Kappa-Romanell Lecturer for 2006-2007.

Rosenberg is the author of several books:

Microeconomic Laws: A Philosophical Analysis
(University of Pittsburgh Press, 1976),
Sociobiology and the Preemption of Social Science/ (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1980; Basil Blackwell, 1981),
Hume and the Problem of Causation (Oxford University Press, 1981) (with T.L. Beauchamp),
The Structure of Biological Science (Cambridge University Press, 1985),
Philosophy of Social Science (Clarendon Press, Oxford and Westview Press, 1988, Second Edition, Revised, Enlarged, 1995, Third Edition, further enlarged, 2007),
Economics: Mathematical Politics or Science of Diminishing Returns? (University of Chicago Press, 1992),
Instrumental Biology, or the Disunity of Science (University of Chicago Press, 1994),
Darwinism in Philosophy, Social Science and Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2000),
Philosophy of Science: A Contemporary Approach (Routledge, 2000, second edition 2005),
Darwinian Reductionism or How to Stop Worrying and Love Molecular Biology (University of Chicago Press),
The Philosophy of Biology: A Contemporary Introduction (with Daniel McShea, Routledge, 2007)

He has also written approximately 180 papers in the philosophy of biology, the philosophy of cognitive, behavioral and social science (especially economics), and causation. Some of his recednt papers are available on his web site.

Rosenberg is also co-director of Duke's Center for the Philosophy of Biology .

Areas of Interest:
Philosophy of Biology,
Philosophy of Cognitive, Behavioral, & Social Science,

Teaching (Fall 2015):
  • PHIL 101.01, Introduction to philosophy Synopsis
    West Duke 202, TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM
  • PHIL 345.01, Philosophy/method of economics Synopsis
    Perkins 071, MW 03:05 PM-04:20 PM

Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  • A. Rosenberg and William Lane Craig. ""The debate: Is faith in God reasonable?"." Is Faith in God Reasonable? Debates in Philosophy, Science and Rhetoric. Ed. Corey Miller and Paul Gould. Routledge Studies inthe Philosophy of ReligionRoutledge, 2014.
  • A. Rosenberg. "Reflexivity, Uncertainty and the Unity of Science." Review of Economic Methodology  (Accepted, Winter, 2013): 14.
  • A. Rosenberg. Philosphy of Science: A Contemporary Approach, Second Edition, portuguese translation. Edicioes Loyola, Summer, 2013.
  • A. Rosenberg. ""Theism and Allism"." The Philosophy of Peter Van Inwagen. Ed. John Christopher Adorno Keller. Oxford University Press, 2013. 
  • A. Rosenberg. ""Why I am a naturalist"." The Armchair or the Laboratory. Ed. Matthew Haug. Routledge, 2013. 32-35.

Conferences Organized
  • Editorial board, Biology and Philosophy, member, July 31, 2007 - present  
  • Ethics, emotions, evolution II, Conference co-organizer (with Jesse Prinz), February 19, 2005  

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