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Stephan Blatti, Adjunct Professor

Stephan Blatti
Contact Info:
Office Location:  347 Trent Hall
Office Phone:  919-684-0352
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:

Office Hours:

By appointment

Philosophy of Mind
Research Interests:

Stephan Blatti (D.Phil 2008, University of Oxford) joined the department in 2006 as Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Managing Editor of the Journal of the History of Philosophy. While his principal area of research is metaphysics, he is also interested in various topics in philosophy of mind/psychology, early modern philosophy, bioethics, aesthetics, and the philosophy of biology.

This fall, he will take up a tenure-track position in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Memphis.

Curriculum Vitae


Reviews and Reference Articles:

Teaching (Spring 2008):

  • Phil 101: History of Modern Philosophy
    • 211 Languages Building
    • Tues & Thur, 10:05 - 11:20am

Teaching (Summer 2008, Term 1):

  • Phil 43S.01: Introduction to Philosophy
    • 107 Social Sciences Building
    • Monday through Friday, 9:30 - 10:45am

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