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Daniel M Kraemer, Recent Graduate    editDaniel M Kraemer

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Biology, Epistemology Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry, Philosophy of Cognitive Science Applied Ethics. Philosophy of Law, Early Modern Philosophy Philosophy of Science Logic

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PhD, Duke, 2012
MA, UC Davis, 2006
BA, UCLA, 2002

Recent Publications
  • D.M. Kraemer. "Normativity From an Organizational Perspective." Biological Theory (forthcoming) (Accepted, July 29, 2013).
  • D.M. Kraemer. "Against “Soft” Statistical Information." Philosophical Psychology (forthcoming) (April, 2013). [09515089.2013.785127#.UY5B_a53Zms]
  • D.M. Kraemer. "Statistical Theories of Functions and the Problem of Epidemic Disease." Biology and Philosophy 28.3 (March, 2013): 423-438.

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